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JAN 2020 Intake -Seneca & Fanshawe

Discussion in 'International Students' started by vignesh93, Jul 16, 2019.

  1. I would highly recommend applying for PG certificate because if you already have a bachelor's degree from home country and applying for a diploma program. The chance of visa rejections is high based on the purpose of the visit because of the academic progression. If you need help to get the PG certificate related to life science, DM me.

    Thank you,
  2. I applied in Seneca for the biotechnology course . Can see a change in my status . Shows INTERNATIONAL OFFER OF ADMISSION . ALL REQUIREMENTS MET . ADMITTED .
    Yet to recieve the LOA on my email .
    Anyone looking forward for biotechnology ?
  3. I already did and they said that they dont give out time frames. Application was made on 10th june and still no answer.
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  4. I also applied in same course from same college on June 23, still waiting for their reply. You are from which country ?
  5. Hi,

    I really value your opinion. But in this case, we sense a huge delay for notifying LOA and late rejections in Seneca. I am really worried with the same only.

    I just applied as a back up at Fanshawe. But till date since 16th Jul'19 I am yet to receive any kind of update from the colleges.

    Any idea when will Seneca responds?

    Fyi, I have already sent a follow up mail 7 days ago. Still no response other than the automated ones.

  6. We submitted my brother's application in Seneca for Business Analytics course on July 18.
    I have sent 2 emails to follow up but no reply yet.
  7. Have you got any reply now . Because I have also applied in both colleges.
  8. No response yet from both the colleges.

    What courses you've opted and when did you apply?

    I heard Fanshawe responds fastly compared to Seneca. But no response from Fanshawe too.
  9. Hi, did you receive any response?
  10. My agent is saying that fanshawe college has not yet opened for jan 2020
  11. Call me
    call me on 7696336970 than I will delete this post
  12. Hi, but when I inquired Fanshawe responded:
    Hi Vignesh--
    The admission processing time usually depends on the volume of applicants that we would have from your region; therefore, it may vary from three to six weeks for January 2020 intake. Therefore, please be patient and hopefully you would hear good news soon from our admission team.
    All the best,
    Fanshawe International.
  13. Nope. Still the same status.
  14. Have you got your LOA
  15. Hi, I applied on 09 July, 2019 for Supply Chain Management-Global Logistics in Seneca and received offer letter on 02 August, 2019.

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