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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Ngomel, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. How long does it take for AIP ( sponsor approval ) ?

  2. 6-9 months
  3. Actually I would call the representative if I were you. With us, the applicant did not receive email with OWP approval. I only saw it because I linked the application on Gckey. If your representative could at least link your application, they could give you the number and you could call CIC to get the status. I swear I feel anxious for you! Hope it has already been approved and you just don't know yet!
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  4. Our timeline:
    Inland- Toronto
    Application receipt- January 30, 2019
    AOR- March 19, 2019
    OWP approval email- March 26, 2019
    Link online account for PR- April 2, 2019
    Waiting for the Medical

    I have 2 questions:
    1. We applied with the representative, and we removed the representative from our PR application after AOR, and we linked our online account. All good. We do not remove the representative from the OWP and also link the account since that is already approved and we are waiting the documentation mail.

    2. What is medical request? Do we need a physical documentation from the immigration to do this? Or message or status online is enough to start the medical check?

  5. You will receive an e-mail stating that you have a new message in your account. Once you log into your GCKey account, click on your application and you will find a document with instructions for the medical exam at the bottom of the page. You need that document before doing the exam.
  6. Hello,

    In the checklist in Supporting Documents For Sponsored Persons, Point 7 - Proof of Relationship To Sponsor (e) on Page 9:
    Select at lease two of the following four options and provide the documents requested for each. Check which options you are selecting:

    1. Important Documents for your and your spouse showing that you are recognized as each other' spouse (such as employment or
    insurance benefits)
    2. Documentary Evidence of Financial support between you and your sponsor, and/or shared expenses.
    3. Other proof that your relationship is recognized by your friends and/or family (e.g. Letters from friends/family, social media information showing a public relationship etc)
    4. Proof of pass cohabitation, If you are not currently living together but did at one point in the past

    Can anyone please explain option 1. My wife (Sponsor) employer wrote on her employment letter that I (Principal Applicant) will be added in her insurance benefits program on the next anniversary date as per the company policy. I do not have a insurance benefit program from my employer as I am working on a contract in Canada. Is this meeting the requirement for Option 1. ? or are there any other documents we can submit for this requirement? Please advise

    We also taken proof from both our social media accounts so we are meeting option 3.

    I also called CIC but they didnt provide any list of other documents we can submit
  7. I would use the letter stating that you will be added in her insurance program on the next anniversary date. I had a similar situation with my leasing, so I attached the leasing agreement under my name + letter stating that the applicant had been added to the leasing.
    However, since the company will add you in the future, I would try to add something that is currently happening. I attached my RSSP showing the applicant as beneficiary. Basically I attached everything that could fit in the other categories, including bank transfers (Option 2), Facebook posts (Option 3); letters that both received in the addresses where we had lived, and letter from the landlords (Option 4).

  8. Hello Flori,

    Thank you for your response. My wife who is sponsoring me, her employer stated that they can't add me (Spouse) immediately as a beneficiary it will be done as per the company policy (around Sep/Oct 2019) and that what they gave her in writing. So does CIC accepts the letters? Can you please advised?

    Also, did you all the options instead of 2 on the checklist for that question? or you just submitted the proof for all the options? Thank you in advance.
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  9. I am not sure if this letter will be enough for CIC because it is stating that the inclusion will happen in the future. I attached documents for Options 1, 2 and 3 (because we are currently living together, so Option 4 does not apply)
  10. I just received my work permit by mail! No email or any other news. Happy beyond words.
    Thanks Flori-Ana and many others for the support! God speed to all.
  11. Ohhh great!!! Congratulations!!! Wonderful news! :)
  12. Hi everyone,

    I received my OWP however my name is incorrect on the work permit.

    Family name: they mentioned my given name
    Given name: blank
    Can i change it? Or this is how its done? If i can change how and where do i apply for change?

    My application is Inland spousal, now that i received my OWP, do i have to apply to extend my stay ( i came to canada on visitor). How and where do i apply to extend my stay?

  13. How is your name written in your passport?
  14. Hello Flori-Ana,

    Thank you for your response. Sorry last question, Option 2. We share monthly expenses by transferring monthly shared of ours in our joint accounts. I think I can show that by giving our monthly bank account statements or I need something else as well?
  15. Hi all does any one have got returned work permit documents because of payment ? And resend it again ?
    Cause mine was returned for missing fees and I resend them again , how long does it takes for first respond ?

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