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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Ngomel, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. Just wanna say hi for all who sent spouse sponsorship this month
    I just sent my application together with OWP today
    Crossing fingers! Wish us the best and smooth process! :)
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  2. Hi all,

    My application was received right at the end of last month (Dec 2018), so its more like a January 2019 submission. Waiting for AOR.....patiently!
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  3. Yes, I am so worried that I missed something in the application, hopefully not :(
    Waiting for AOR and prayy
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    Just sent ours off Jan 13th. Hopefully it arrives by post today.
    Update: Canada Post tracking says it was delivered and signed for by S. Wong. ​
    Anybody else get the same signature?
  5. Yeah, S.Wong signed for mine too
  6. hi there, did you put the OWP on top of the sponsorship application? I am getting ready to put the package together and mail it.

    did you use P.O box address or courier address for canada post xpress parcel?
  7. Hi, following the cic here in step 7: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/application-forms-guides/guide-5525-basic-guide-sponsor-your-spouse-partner-child.html

    The order of documents should be as follows:
    • checklist;
    • open work permit application (and supporting documents), if applicable;
    • any barcode pages;
    • supporting documents, in the order they’re listed on the checklist.
    I use the P.O box address, that's why I wonder too why there was someone signing my application xD
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  8. ok thank you, i re read that im just paranoid i guess... also paranoid about courier losing the mail too. ill be ready by monday hopefully
  9. It's normal to be paranoid, it's our future ;)

    You know what I just realized that I missed the translation and certified copy for my sponsor's birth certificate and marriage certificate
    My marriage certificate is in my native language and english, but it has incomplete English wording by the government (my country of origin)
    I provide the English translation but missing the certified copy and original affidavit!
    Soooooo, I am worried now :confused:
    Guess my application will be sent back, or maybe there will be miracle
    Anyone can propose what should I do? Can I add additional documents before the AOR?

    Also, hoping that the OWP pilot project will be extended! So I can just resubmit it if it really will be returned
    I still have some time because my status is until end of May
  10. oh shoot ya or maybe wait for them to reply back to you requesting additional documents? or is that taking a chance.
  11. I searched some cases in this forum, some got returned documents and some did not (lucky ones) for missing translation
    It all depends on the officer who reviews the applications
    I hope I'm included in the lucky one
    Now is the waiting game
  12. Well I mailed mine in today. Waiting game starts! :)

    Did not many people apply in January? Figured there would be lots of us trying to meet the 31st deadline of course unless they extend the owp program.
  13. Wish you luck!

    I guess a lot gonna catch the deadline and now still busy with the application
    Maybe this thread will be busy after we get the AOR :)
    Let's hope! Really hope my application do not get returned

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