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  1. I was supposed to call CIC today and their servers are down again :/
  2. I'm a CUPE member and when our local CUPE went on strike, everyone who was a union member was on strike everyday until the contract was ratified and voted on. I think the alternate day approach depends on your local CUPE and how essential your service is.
  3. Just got off the phone with them!!! IT's in!!!
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  4. Yes i remember asking about that if ever we, government employees goes on strike what will happen and thats what the answer is. Although im not sure if its changed. Ive learned that when we were arbitrating for our raise and retro pay we were on the verge of striking but then they agreed for our raise and pay us back some retros that they owe so yea, from what i know thats how it works. It will be cruel for part-timers and especially casual employees though.
  5. Congrats bro
  6. I am with cupe too. From what i know and understood years ago thats how it would work. If i am wrong then im sorry. Lol
  7. Do you remember how did you dial it? Congrats .
  8. 2 1 1 0 thats hehe
  9. thank you . i will try to call in on Monday then since it’s begin of the week may be less busy
  10. CSQ Request Sep. 14. :)
  11. What is a CSQ?
  12. Yeah ... I just jumped around different menus to be honest until it put me on the line to wait for 30 minutes. If early morning doesn’t work for you try 1 -2 as well.
  13. Hi @PandS

    Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de Sélection du Québec).

    Since I live in Quebec I have to apply for the province and IRCC will only continue processing my sponsorship once they receive the certificate. The certificate says in general that we met the Quebec special requirements for immigration.

    I guess I'm the only one from Quebec between us.
  14. Oh? What kind of requirements? We are in Manitoba.
  15. Hi @PandS !

    There are general requirements and particular ones that vary from case to case.

    To be granted with CSQ you and your sponsor have to sign some declarations and engagements specifics to Quebec government. You need to know and agree common values of the Québec society.

    Here the sponsor is responsible for the applicant for a period of 3 years, even if they get divorced, bankrupt etc., so you have to sign this engagement too. And if for any reason I benefit of social aid, the sponsor have to refund the government.
    To be admissible the sponsor cannot profit of social benefits, and you have to prove you have enough money if you have dependents.

    ...and you have to speak french

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