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I am stuck at Eligibility Review Required.. Need Help

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by aliabbashusain, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. With last notes had RR for POF. Had to submit the same documents 3 times for some reason. Not sure what state I am in as yet but had to redo my medicals with the deadline of 27 September. My profile still shows Action required despite the panel physician submitting the documents and my raising a webform with the information sheet. Would really love to see some movement. AOR is 26 Aug 2018.
  2. I think you will receive the PPR letter in next few days. Normally they ask for remedical when they have done with all other checks and are ready to issue you a visa.
  3. Hi Guys, :)

    I need help. I am under RR since June and security is not started yet. My AOR is April 12 and I already ordered GCMS notes, but as they are taking very long, I am a little concerned. My case is as follow:

    EEPNP (CEC eligible), NOC 5241 - Graphic Designer and Illustrators

    I claimed points for two previous jobs in my home country (Both with Same Title) and for my actual job in Canada.
    The two Letters of Employment from my home country are exactly the same (different from NOC, but with less duties in), the letter from my job in Canada was my manager who did it for me, he told me that he used exactly the same one when he applied two years ago and he got his PR, BUT is a copy/paste from the NOC duties. So my question is:

    Should I send CIC a different letter from my job here in Canada? My concern is get a refusal without they ask for any ADR, maybe I am being just paranoid, but I need guidance from the experts. :)

    Thank you guys,
  4. What is the current timeline for RR cases
  5. From what I am notice, it vary from people to people. There is no specific timeline. Sorry.
  6. Thanks
  7. you're 100% right. there is 0 timeline, predictability etc...
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  8. Have you got PPR ,did they count that experience?
  9. Hey guys? So I called up CIC last week and then said that my Eligibility has been met. It's only been a month since my AOR.

    My question is to everyone who's got an RR here:

    1. Did you find out you've got an RR based on GCMS alone?
    2. At any point is Eligibility met and then there is RR for any docs?
    3. Did you guys initially have Eligibility met (found out on call/email) before finding out in GCMS that there was an RR for a certain doc or is it Eligibility review required right from the start?
  10. Whats your Background status in your profile - “We are processing “ or “application in progress “

    Are you outland applicant ?

    How did you call them ?
  11. We are processing, FSW outland, Canadian phone number
  12. Can you please share the procedure of calling ? Which app ?

    Your VO is Ottawa ,right?
  13. I have a Canadian number. Sydney.

    Do you have anything to say about my query itself?
  14. 1 RR can only be know from GCMS

    2. RR is just a review .It means case analyst wants officer to review a particular document thoroughly.In the majority of cases ,officers go with comments of case analyst but sometimes they want more evidence to support your application;hence,ADR . If not convinced ,can refuse straightaway even though the analyst passed eligibility initially .

    3 It has happened before where a guy got eligibility met via call as well as mailing Ralph and once received GCMS ,there was a review required.( Very rare though)

    In contrast , recently one guy got a mail response as eligibility not met and two days after the mail response he got PPR.

    You should take that response positively but suggest you to order GcMs after a month.

    Good luck.
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  15. So have you sent an updated reference letter and what was the response you got from CIC? I recently got to know that my eligibility also required review.

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