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I am stuck at Eligibility Review Required.. Need Help

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by aliabbashusain, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    I received the 2nd set of GCMS on 11th July and there has been no activity on my account since March where the last comment by the analyst was a review on my R75 minimum requirement. The GCMS received is exactly the same as the one I applied for in April which means IRCC is just sitting on the application since March. I have enquired from my employers and they haven't received any correspondence from IRCC

    My AOR is 7th Feb. The organisation for which the query/concern has been raised is not ready to issue me a letter as per what IRCC needs and I have submitted a self attested duty letter. I'd just like to know if I should be worried at this time or shall I wait before I take legal advice. I have typed the comments section from my GCMS for your quick reference. Thanks.

    Below is the comment that was last updated in March and it has been the same since then


    Comprehensive Raking System(CRS) Score at invitation to apply (ITA) 446 CRS points minimum score for round: 439 CRS score at application(APR) 441 I have reviewed the following CRS points: PA gained points as MARRIED at ITA and APR PA gained points for 3+ year(s) Foreign work experience with XXXXX(company 1-UK) & XXXXX(company 1-India) & XXXXX(company 3-India)

    INTEGRATED SEARCH (FOSS/GCMS): No trace for all other than present application

    FAMILY COMPOSITION: MARRIED since 2011, marriage certificate is on file; Spouse is ACOMPANYING No indication of previous marriage/cl partners 1 child accompanying; Birth certificate reviewed: PA and Spouse listed as parents NOTE: SP'S NAME DOES NOT APPEAR ON MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE OR CHILD'S BIRTH CERT - AFFIDAVIT RE LEGAL CHANGE OF NAME EDOC, MEDICALS: All valid for 6 months or more, PASSPORTS: All valid for 6 months or more

    EXPERIENCE: Lock in date: 2018-02-07 Primary Occupation: NOC 1112 Financial and Investment Analysts EDUCATION CREDENTIAL(S) PROVIDED: Master's Degree: Business Administration from Uni of Wales 2011; Bachelor's Degree: Management Studies from uni of Mumbai 2005 2011-03 to 2012-05 - Sr Operations Manager(NOC 1215) at XXXX(company 1-UK) – Letter dated 15-06-05 appears to confirm employment in declared occupation throughout the specified period, and provides a job description which is consistent with the lead statement and main duties as set out in the declared NOC category. – Letter confirms full time employment;

    CRS Foreign work experience: 1 year and 4 months. 2013-09 to 2016-04 – Analyst (NOC 1112) – at XXXX(company 2 – India) *REVIEW REQUIRED* - Web based search confirms employer information NOTE: LOE CONFIRMS DECLARED WORK PERIOD AND JOB TITLE, JOB DUTIES NOT PROVIDED. PA HAS PROVIDED A SELF DECLARATION STATING JOB DUTIES CONSISTENT WITH DECLARED NOC HOWEVER UNABLE TO CONFIRM BASED ON INFORMATION PROVIDED FROM COMPANY; PA DOES NOT APPEAR TO HAVE EDUCATION CREDENTIALS CONSISTENT WITH FINANCIAL DUTIES - Letter confirms full time employment; - Documented income provided: Pay Stubs from 2013-2016

    2016-07 to 2017-12 – Manager – Group license administration (NOC 1122) at XXXX(Company 3 – India) Web based search confirms employer information – Letter dated 17-12-12 appears to confirm employment in declared occupation throughout the specified period and provides a job description which is consistent with the lead statement and main duties as set out in the declared NOC category. NOTE: ADJUSTED END DATE OF WORK PERIOD FROM DECLARED 2018-02 TO DATE OF LOE: 2017-12 – Letter confirms full time employment; - Documented Income provided: Pay Stubs from 2016-2017 CRS Foreign work experience 1 year and 6 months. FSW work: 0 year(s) 0 months(s) of 1 year(s) – REVIEW REQUIRED CRS Foreign Work: 3+ year(s)

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------WORK EXPERIENCE: 4-5 years, 13 FSW Points

    ADAPTABILITY: 5 fsw Points spouse has language proficiency

    SETTLEMENT FUNDS: Appears to meet approx. $$$ as per bank statement, family of 3 requires $19093
  2. I have a similar friend whose file is not processing because of self attested reference letter.

    Why did you upload that?
  3. Because I was foolish to listen to my agent :( now I regret listening to that piece of advice ...

    Even if Ircc doesn't count this experience at all I am good on points and MER criteria but donno why no activity at all.

    The only problem I see is I made this my primary noc wherein I could've made any of the other 2 easily coz I had to put something there.

    Has ur friend got any reply or can u please put me in touch with him, might help both of us
  4. Not yet, he did not get any response till now.

    Well I am also an Immigration Consultant and I know this process is wrong. It depends on knowledge that they have. Everybody has put his nose into this business and ruining people's career. I can give you an advice on this and your problem can be solved. So, lets chat one to one.
  5. Thanks. I've left you a message already :)
  6. Hey Guys,

    AOR : 31 Jan, FSW-O, VO : New Delhi
    I got GCMS notes last week and my Eligibility says Review Required.. It seems they have not considered my work experience and that's why the score has also been deducted in their notes (from 450 to 400).
    Q1 : I had uploaded an affidavit signed by my manager listing everything they ask for *including roles and responsibilities). I had provided all docs including offer letter, appriasal letters, salary slips etc etc. Note highlights "affidavit supported....." so I am not sure if they have an issue with affidavit or what exactly is the problem here
    Q2 : My Eligibility is under Review, Criminality and Medical is Passed, Security not started. How much more time it might take for the PPR? It's more than 180 days already.... Need help desperately
  7. It should be ok however can you please post the image of the Notes section where the analyst post their comments so it'll be more clear on what exactly they've reviewed it.

    Mine is a similar case however I had to provide a self attested duty letter coz my organisation was not ready to issue one.
  8. I also provided an affidavit signed by my manager, that should have worked right? I left my first oragnization in 2014 and my manager signed afidavit last year in july.. can u please comment if this was the right approach?

    185 days and counting.. wait is killing me now
  9. Yes the approach is right and if your manager has signed it and you have notarized it then it is ok..however, what does the comments exactly say? If you've read that then you'll get an idea. Generally, review is required when the analyst is not very clear and let's his senior decide on the matter who is more experienced and knowledgeable than him.

    Also, ur VO is Delhi and it is slow anyway. Have some patience and good news should reach to you soon. You can post the pic of the notes.
  10. Ok, will post it soon.

    Can you give me rough idea .. min/max of how much more time they may take..
  11. It looks like when a case analyst put review required on someone's file, IRCC just forgets about that application. I have a similar case. My AOR is Nov/2017. The case analyst couldn't verify my employer's details because of a stupid reason and put review required on my eligibility in Dec/2017. After that no progress in my case. I have sent more employment-related document proofs through CSE but Nobody at IRCC has bothered to touch my application, while they are processing the newer application within 1-2 months. I have ordered GCMS notes three times. Called them a few times, a few emails. They just tell me to keep patience and wait.
  12. unfortunately there is no standard timelines at the moment
  13. that's true...even my file hasn't been touched since review required was put in March..have ordered GCMS twice and no movement at all
  14. Yeah, At least they should give a decision even if it is a refusal. So that I can apply again as soon as possible. I am going to lose points on age again if they don't make a decision soon. I will have to resit my IELTS test again which is going to expire soon. What makes me feel bad that the case analyst didn't even put much effort to verify my employment. I worked with a well-known employer. Their and my details can be easily verified by calling many of their office phone numbers given on employers website or emailing them or even visiting them if it comes to that.
  15. I have a fair solution to this. Contact an Immigration Lawyer who can talk to CIC on your behalf and can get your application in queue again.
    All the best...

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