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How long can security check last?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by CanadaSimple, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. There is a field "Requests must include sufficient detail to enable an experienced employee of the CBSA, with a reasonable effort, to identify the records that are being requested. Examples include, but are not limited to, time periods, file numbers, client identifiers, file names, report titles, locations (office, port of entry or region/branch), names of individuals, passport numbers, dates of birth (if requesting traveller history or immigration files)."
    What kind of records should I request from CBSA?
  2. Hey im in the same boat as you. Could you please advise if you already received your landing notice or still waiting??
  3. OMG. can i know your timeline?
  4. We have almost same situation, my ss started at Nov, 2018 still waiting.
  5. Are you still waiting AIP or you got it already? How do you know that you are in SS??
  6. I didn't get my AIP but my eligibility has passed according to gcms notes from IRCC. According to notes from CBSA, my case is under ss.
  7. I hope you can get some good news as they have processed your case over 1.5 years
  8. Thank you, I hope so.
  9. alexiich, how did you get the notes from CBSA? Is there any useful information?
    They received our application in March 2018, under SS since December 2018.
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  10. You can go to the atip website, choosing CBSA instead of choosing ircc, in the more information section, you need to put on your application number, dob, UCI, and something like "I would like to check my PR application progress. "
  11. why do we need to choose CBSA instead of choosing IRCC?? we can get more information or this is the Notes that shows SS??
  12. If your case is under ss, you can order notes from CBSA, the notes you get from CBSA is same as the one you get from IRCC. But, some security stuff is not redacted.
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  13. So if you are in SS, it would show "Security screening" on the CBSA notes?
  14. Basically, you will see something like "security: in progress" instead of "security: (blank)".

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