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How long can security check last?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by CanadaSimple, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. For our inland sponsoring case the security check is going on for like 5 month now. I believe that this is the only thing that is left, as we received AIP couple of month ago. We could wait more but there is a need for the principal applicant to visit the home country asap.
    So I have several questions:
    1. Are there any standards/estimates/statistics how long the security check could last?
    2. We don't know anything about PA that might be suspicious from the security point of view. Is there any way to know what is the reason for the delay? Is there a way to contact the agency that performs the security check? IRCC says that this has nothing to do with them, so we shouldn't contact them about the matter.
    3. If the request was sent to the country of origin of PA than how long they will wait for the response? What happens if the country of origin never responds?
    Thank you for any input!
  2. You can order your notes. They take upwards of 30 days to be received.
  3. I did this. But they are of no use for the security check, they remove all the information related to that. The only thing that is visible there is that the security check is started, which we already knew anyway.
  4. It can take months and months and months. Ours took just over 8 months
  5. Wow... What was your total processing time?
  6. You are most likely in ss (security screening) this is done for selected applications in the bgc. It can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months the average being 8. Ordering gcms notes won't help. You need to order cbsa notes is you want to confirm your in ss and when your start date was.. Hopefully you will be done on around 3 months or so. Good luck
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  7. Yes, all of the security screening process is redacted in every set of GCMS notes I have received (sponsorship and citizenship applications).
    Because it's presumed for an inland application that the sponsor and PA are together in Canada, there appears to be a reduced sense of urgency for application processing within IRCC. In other words, it will take as long as it takes.
  8. shalenabennie, is it really CBSA that performs security screening? Not RCMP? Also, does ss means that CBSA doesn't like the way my spouse entered the country, so they started ss?
  9. It’s CISIS, I have read that some people had luck contacting them but I would not expect them being able to tell you much.

    They redacted the security check start date in our notes. It’s been ongoing since January 2019, we are processed Outland.
  10. What do you mean by "doesn't like the way my spouse entered the country"?
    If it was an irregular entry, this could impact the depth and breadth of the security screening.
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  11. Security screening will last as long as it lasts, is the basic answer. I'm confused though - here you say that you don't know anything about the PA that may be suspicious, but later you suggest that CBSA may not like how the PA entered the country. Anything that is not regular is suspicious from a security point of view.

    You can assume that all Canadian security agencies (RCMP, CSIS, CBSA, CSEC, etc.) may be involved in a security check at one level or another.
  12. I ordered my notes it says criminality pass
    Eligibility in process
    But security cancelled
    But why they cancelled and put due date july 19?
    Any idea guys
  13. Please start your own thread.
  14. You guys talking about security thats why maybe someone knows my situation
  15. 12 months 5 days

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