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How long can security check last?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by CanadaSimple, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. How do you know that it was CSIS who redacted your security start date?
  2. With my spouse's entry everything was legal. However, the entry was in temporary status and later I started sponsorship. I don't know if this is a bad sign for some agencies or not.
  3. Is there a way to order notes from CBSA/CSIS/whoever performs the ss to see what's going on?
  4. There is nothing wrong with that, and provided they entered legally as you've said, there is no flag for security here.

    However, what nationality is your spouse? Where have they lived in the world, etc? The process for security checks includes verifying information with countries that share immigration data with Canada. It can be quite a long process.
  5. They won't say the reason for ss being fine on an applicant. It varies. Their nationality, travel history, things like this Cic does not conduct the ss. CBSA does the check with partners such as rcmp csis ect. It sucks and its long. But eventually it will be over and you'll get ppr
  6. Security screening is exempted in almost any ATIP request.
  7. If you or you have someone in Canada : https://atip-aiprp.tbs-sct.gc.ca/

    If ordering from outside Canada :gcmsbuddy.com
  8. As said in the OP's first few posts, they have already ordered GCMS notes and, as per the law, security-related information is not released.
  9. They ordered gcms. They need to order cbsa. Theres a difference
  10. It’s the agent that processed my access to information request that redacted the information that pertains to the security check. There are three notes in this regard, one is partially redacted and two are completely blank. CSIS is the government agency in charge of processing security checks with CBSA. I didn’t know the last part that’s why I thought CSIS was processing our check.

  11. I've been living in Canada since the age of 14, was international student and never was out of status.....still, my application took longer than 12 months so it just depends on your luck, they might randomly choose your file and do ss
  12. How can we do this? I thought CBSA releases only border crossing records, not ss details.
  13. Does getting under the ss means that my spouse will have trouble entering the country back before the process is finished?
  14. Ss is for the principal applicant. All it means is the background check will take longer then others.
  15. I posted 2 links above for ordering cbsa notes

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