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Has anyone applied for the january 2020 intake? particularly to the Langara college?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by delixo, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. Guys! i applied for the january 2020 intake at Langara college more than 8 weeks ago and they are still processing my application. has anybody already gotten LOA for that intake?
  2. Hi! Applied for Langara College for their Diploma in Business Management course as well for Jan 2020 intake. Still yet to receive their feedback. Agonizing days of waiting...

    My question is, I haven’t sent any of my documents as there was no option to upload or where to send them when I applied thru EducationPlanner BC. Do I need to wait for their reply before I can send them my credentials or I’m missing something.. pls help! Thanks!
  3. the agony yes!!!
    hey you should email them all your docs. dont wait!
    then in couple weeks they will send your ID and you'll be able to login into your personal office on the langara website. you will see the status of your application there. i did it in February. it's been over 2 months already.
  4. Ohh my. Thank you so much for clarifying this. Can you please share the email address where I can send my school credentials? I'm from Philippines, by the way.
  5. ieadmissions@langara.ca
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  6. use the one Bhagya shree gave you.
    i used it too.
    note that they are veeeeery slow at replying. sometimes it takes them 2 weeks to answer your questions. this is a real waiting agony.
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  7. Thank you so much, delixo! Yes, I agree. Hopefully they'll have positive feedback. I'll send my credentials now. Thanks again!
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  8. Key is to follow up on email.

    Hi, I'm a filipino too. I found a college that's way cheaper than most of the institutions I've searched - it's Northern Lights College (NLC). It only costs 200K PHP for 1 sem tuition, exclusion of housing and airfare, and books. However, in total, I would say 300k-320k for Do-It-Yourself application. It's in BC, so if you want to consider this college, ping me.

    Here's the website so you can browse available courses:

    Go to "Programs" at the top of the website.
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  9. thanks!
    but there's only 3 post-grad programs unfortunately.
  10. Yep, there's 3 post-grad programs:

    General, IT focus, and Health focus post-grad business management programs.
  11. business management only.
    nothing for a web developer like me :(
  12. Hi! Thank you for the recommendation. I checked the school, its really interesting. However, its way too far from Vancouver. I’ll be staying at my aunt’s residence in North Van. Thanks, anyway! I appreciate the help! Have you submitted your Visa Application already?
  13. Hi delixo! Sent my docs on the email Bhagya shared last April 14. No update yet whatsoever. I have no way of checking the status as I don’t have my Langara ID yet. Im getting more anxious as the days go by. I’ll send them an email probably by the end of the month if I still don’t hear anything. Do you think that’ll be okay?
  14. No, I haven't. My target intake is still on Jan 2020, so most I'll most probably start my application mid-2019, when the Jan 2020 intake admission opens.

    Check out these schools too (nearer Vancouver)
    Selkirk College and
    College of New Caledonia

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