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Has anyone applied for the january 2020 intake? particularly to the Langara college?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by delixo, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. hey famevangelio! Sorry, i didnt see your message here.
    Hows everything going?
    I'm still struggling.
    I've sent dozens of emails, called them more than that... . they picked up once, said that they didn't get some of my docs and asked me to send them again. I did. This is so funny because i sent all the documents in ONE email. so how could they NOT get some of them? ridiculous!
    I think you should follow up too. Feels like they do nothing unless you call/email them on a constant basis.
    looking forward to your response.
  2. What's your status now?
  3. still incomplete.
    they want my university to send them the official explanation about some of my docs.
    im sending the explanation today and hopefully ill be accepted this week.
  4. Okay.
    Good luck dude.!
  5. Hi is it possible to have sep intake and get visa on Time in langara college for PG for Supply chain if I start applying by 15 June ???
  6. thanks! aaaand im a girl :)
  7. My suggestion is to apply for jan2020.
    Decision is all yours.
  8. Where are you from?
  9. Is it because of course selection/college selection or Canada immigration
  10. No, its because of time left for sept intake.
  11. I think Langara scrutinizes each and every document of all the applicants, very strictly. They asked me for a 'No backlog certificate' from my college to prove that I didn't have any backlogs during my graduation even though it was evident from all my semester marks sheet dated at regular intervals for all 3 years of Bachelor degree.
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  12. I’m from Ukraine. And you?
    And I got accepted this Friday!!!!!
    Now I need to pay $6,000 and then setup my curriculum I guess
  13. Congrats! I think course registration for Jan 2020 is going to start by mid July..
  14. Thanks!!
    It took them almost 4 months.
    And thanks for the information .
    Do you know how to sign up for courses?
    I watched a video on YouTube, but it still seems weird to me
  15. The 8 min video on Langara college official YouTube channel right? I watched the same video to know about registration. Just login to your myLangara account>Go to Registration>Activate registration time>Go to 'Register for courses' option>enter CRNs of courses for which you want to register>then submit it..that's it. And also check for balance in 'Account balance & payments' to confirm available of sufficient balance for registration. If any course for which you want to register is full,you should waitlist the same. So its better to register as soon as the college opens registration for the term.
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