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Has anyone applied for the january 2020 intake? particularly to the Langara college?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by delixo, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. Yes! Thanks a lot
    I just don’t understand which courses I need to register for. All of those mentioned in my program? Some of them?
  2. What is your program? Just check in your particular program page in Langara website. You need to register for all the courses listed under term 1 of program curriculum.
  3. App and web development.
    And you?
    Cool! Thanks for your answers and I’m sorry for inconveniencing you with all my questions lol
    Have a good day!
  4. PDD in Accounting. Btw, I like answering questions and you too, have a good day!
  5. Congratulations..!
    From India.
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    I have applied for jan2020 intake in associated degree in biology langara college last month. How long college will take to provide offer letter?
    Any idea?
  7. Heyy .
    What's your current status? . I applied during last week of may and it is still under process . Have a good day ..
  8. Hi, anyone has applied in Humber or Sheridan or Seneca college for Jan 20 intake?
    And can help with the status...!!!
    As it’s almost 1.5 months since I applied.
  9. Hey there! It took them 4 months in my case
  10. Hey! I got accepted
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  11. Finally!! Great! Congratulations. Did u pay the fees to confirm your seat?
  12. Hey .
    Congratulations ☺️
    I got accepted too
  13. Anyone here got LOA from Sheridan college for january intake?
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  14. Thanks!!! Actually I did. But!! It turned out that I counted my EE points wrongly, so I no longer need to to study....
  15. Awaiting for the same as well as for Seneca.

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