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H&C Humanitarian Ground with/or Without Failed refugee claim

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by TheWaitingGamer, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Hi Waiting Gamer, please can you send me your email address to discuss with you better on this. This wld be my second h&c and I don't have the fund to pay another lawyer so I want to apply myself. I just need some vital infos from you please.
  2. Hi guys

    Any updates
  3. How can this be your second H&C? Have you received the answer from your initial H&C?
  4. Yes. An exception was not granted.
  5. Confused as to why you have the grounds for a second H&C when you have already been refused H&C.
  6. Hello Can you share the reasons for rejection in general to benefit everyone ?
  7. Hi everyone, i have a question pls how can I update my file on h&c because my lawyer is not putting any energy on my application and i understand I have to be on top of my Game by doing what necessary myself. My application received in August 23 2018 and no any update since then.
    Any cogent advice will be greatly appreciated.

  8. I am sending my monthly salary to my wife and I am sending any online reports explaining why I can not return to my country
  9. Your posts are very confusing, your previous posts indicated you were in Canada with your wife and also had a US and Canadian child but you are now sending your wife your salary. Do you have access to permanent residency or citizenship in another country? Unfortunately there are families who are stateless who remain in Canada without status. It does sound like you have been out of your country for a long time and were staying in the US. Assume you walked over the border if you were previously in the US and stateless.
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  10. Hello guys,
    My lawyer is going to Mail my h&c application and all documents this Monday Via Post office.
    Now my question is after mail all my documents and application how I can check my H&C application status.
    Please advise thank you
  11. There is not much to monitor. You may get a request for a medical or more information but you are likely looking at at least a year just waiting.
  12. You would be the one with news since you had an appointment with CBSA in the last 1-2 weeks.
  13. I had an appointment with them and asked me to fill “prra”
    The request was sent yesterday

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