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H&C Humanitarian Ground with/or Without Failed refugee claim

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by TheWaitingGamer, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Hello to all waiting gamers and members,

    I would like to raise a news thread about H&C application. I know we already got few on this forum but you will agree with me that H&C still a mystery for most of his applicant.

    Other immigration programs have so much threads and are well documented. So I wish we can create at least one more for H&C. I have to admit that these programs are less unpredictable in terme of processing time so it much easier to rely on another appliquant timeline to guess your's. But lets try to combine as much infos as we can to get an idea of what we are going through.

    I thought about timeline spreadsheet but I have no idea how to create it in this forum.

    I know many of people will read this and pass their way, Please don't! If you click on this tittle it's beceause you have something to tell or to ask, so just comment. Your words could help someone or you can get some help.
    Even a copie paste of your experience and/or Processing time will be great.

    Lets share and play this waiting game together...
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  2. For the spreadsheet - people create them in google docs and then share the link. The spreadsheets don't actually live in these forums.
  3. I will start,

    I applied for H&C last year on january by my own on best interest of a child ground.
    7month later, without any AOR, I got a call from CIC to update my file and we talk for about 30mns about my application and familly. I receive AIP (Approval in principle) 1 day later.

    Since the AIP I didn't ear any news from IRCC until january 2018, I received médical request and Annex A request. it's was all done by the end of january and my background still in progress.

    and I still waiting....:oops:
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  5. I have applied for my mother on November (end of November) 2017 through a lawyer , still haven’t received any receiving confirmation! My lawyer said not necessarily you gonna receive a receiving letter , 4 months running no news ! Waiting
  6. Thank you ! I was really looking for this , I have been checking all the time never found any threads until you created one ! Thanks I hope everyone gonna share and help each other’s with info !
  7. Basically what did they ask you over phone ? Could you please share ?
  8. Hello Alien_walkingalone

    Yes I Can,

    First time, it was a missed call from unknow number, and she leave a voicemail with number to call back. but before I even call her back, she call me again. she was really nice and asked if I can talk a bit about my case.

    She wanted to know if I already gave birth, if I had a new partner, if I did my tax declaration, If I had a job, If I'm on welfare, then she gave me a fax number and ask me to send proof about my baby birth and tax declaration.

    After that she explained that my application decision gonna be made by her, and if she approuved she will transfert the file to another officer for the stage 2, but if she declined my application will end right there with no right to appeal. I asked if I can do something to increase my chances, and she reply that honestly being on welfare ( because of newborn at this time ) can result to a refusal at the stage 2, even if she approuve stage 1, so she advise to find a job as soon as possible and send her job offer letter, she gave me 3 month to do so.

    I was septical about that, but 4 days later, I receive a AIP letter by post canada, and notice that she made her decision one day later her call.

    3 weeks later, I send my job offer to her with a letter of thanks.

    I hope you will get some good news soon! and don't forget to put your timeline on the speadsheet. If you need something else don't hesitate.
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  9. Thank you so much for your reply ! And congratulations for the this good news ! I am actually really worried ! my mother is sick and I going to doctors and for tests very often , I bought insurance for her but if she needs surgery I’m not sure if it’s covwred or not and thinking about all this my mother become more sick and stress about me that how I gonna manage to do everything by myself . I don’t know how long I need to wait , after 1st approval are they going to provide the medical card ? It’s been 4 months already!
  10. Hello, Sorry to hear that your mother are sick, I wish her to fell great soon! And yes, after first stage approval she will be able to get medical coverage. It can be long for the 1st stage to be completed, for me it took 7 months but some others wait longer.

    Are you able to see your application on online tool already?
  11. Thanks for replying ! 5 months finished for applying! I don’t have any access with that , only my lawyer can tell me if there any news ! Did you hire a lawyer also? If yes then how do you login ?
  12. No I didn't hire a lawyer. My previous experience with a lawyer wasn't very good, so I decide to do all by myself with God help and it's worked. If you hhave your paiement receipt you can try to login with the number of the receipt, or with you mother IUC number xxxx-xxxx. Fallow the steps on this link.

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  13. Thank you so much ! I m going to try ! Yes God indeed showed his mercy and blessings ! I am
    waiting for the same from him! May God bless you and your child !
  14. I have checked the status , it shows in process !
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  15. Hi. Did u apply for a refugee as well? Im happy you got approved and Im planning to apply as well on best interest of a child ground. I hope you have time to reply. Thanks
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