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Got MPNP LAA today, score 545. Draw 42.

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by PPSB15, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Hi guys.I have a question about a child I included in my application as a dependant.
    I have been given letter of advice to apply.I am having issues with the adoption papers of the child I included in my profile,according to the laws of my country the adoption process will take nothing less than a year and now I have less than 40 days to submit my application. Since the child’s name is in the profile used for normination,what should my spouse and I do to complete the application for submission and can we proceed without the child? Or is there any way out?
  2. Hi all,

    I just received my ielts results. L-7.5,S-7.5,R-6.5 and W-5.5. I know I am not qualified for EE. I'm planning to apply in Manitoba thru Human Capital Pathway. My NOC is 0122 Banking Managers wherein CLB needed is only 5. However, do we need to have a relative/close friend for us to be eligible??? Help please...May I also know what other provinces would accept with CLB 5?

    Thanks in advance po.
  3. Hi there! Yes you need a relative to qualify. You can try their strategic recruitment initiative if you dont have a relative. You can check their website for strategic recruitment.
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  4. Hi there! Its better to email mpnp about this matter, you can email them.at immigratemanitoba@gov.mb.ca
  5. Dear Members,
    I am planning to apply for MPNP but i don't have any relative here in Manitoba. Do i still be positive and apply for that ? will there any chance to be shortlisted ? What is strategic recruitment innitiative and how could i be benefit of ?
    Please help
  6. Thank you so much. Appreciate your reply. I will check on this.
  7. Hi All,

    May I know where I can find the requirements needed if ever I found a friend to sponsor for me?

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    hi @teenzky, I am from the Philippines too. You're so lucky you got your LAA. I'm wondering why I don't have mine. My score is 560
  9. Hello All,

    Can someone please guide me on how to apply for Manitoba PNP under skilled workers overseas category . My NOC is 2281 and I do have established connections in Manitoba.

    Do I need to apply for expression of interest and wait for a reply before creating express entry profile
  10. The latest draw’s lowest score was 562. Do you have an active Express Entry profile?
  11. If you are eligible for Express entry, create one and indicate on your EOI your express entry number and job seeker number.
  12. I see. So if we're waiting for the Skilled Worker Overseas we don't have the chance. We're just waiting for nothing. They require a lot of points. Even though our profile has a more than 5yrs of work experience as an Engineer. Education is 5yrs too. Relative is my brother. IELTS score 8.

    BTW, I don't have a profile for Express Entry. I am trying my luck in EOI Skilled Worker Overseas.
  13. If your IELTS band score is 8 then you are eligible to create an express entry profile. Even if your CRS is less than 300, once nominated by MPNP, it will have an additional 600 pts. What is your MPNP score? 560? if so, you missed 2 draws of MPNP Ee already.
  14. I see. So better to get an Express Entry profile. I initially send my profile last March. I am not familiar with Express Entry. What comes up to my mind whenever I am thinking Express Entry is "it will cost a lot of money" is that true? And what is the timeframe for Express Entry once you have the LAA?

    Thank you so much for your help ma'am/sir. You really helped and motivated me a lot.

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