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Got MPNP LAA today, score 545. Draw 42.

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by PPSB15, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. I got laa mpnp today for draw 42. My score is 545. Anyone else got laa today? Lets join here.
  2. Congratulaions :)Does your profile come under

  3. Thank you. I am under skilled worker overseas express entry.
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    I also got mine. Score is 547.
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  5. @PPSB15
    Thank you for the quick reply...Please let me know your NOC...I have 424 crs and I'm planning to apply for Manitoba...but I do not think I will get more than 500 points for Manitoba PNP...Is it good to submit my EOI for Manitoba PNP?
    Please advise.
  6. Hi! My noc is 0621. I think 424 is a good score, but if you have a relative or friend in manitoba then you can apply for mpnp eoi as well.
  7. Hi there! I think as long as your both jobs are in their in demand list you wont have any problem. 4 and 5 years have the same score in eoi. Just to be sure you should email mpnp regarding this concern.
  8. Congrats!! which is your score under EE? 545 is score for MPNP right? my EE score is around 385 and my MPNP score is 536 I would like to apply under Express Entry to Manitoba but I don´t know if this can affect my chances.

    thank you
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    I Also got LAA Today under MPNP ,so I need help regarding what next to do??
  10. Friends.
    I am a software engineer having a CRS of 383. I have lost hope of OINP and thinking of applying for MPNP.
    Wha are my chances. Can you guys helo me on how to proceed.

    Many thanks
  11. If you have a relative in manitoba and your occupation is in their in demand list then you qualify for mpnp
  12. Hi there! You must be applying from philippines, do we need to get our documents photocopied then notarized before scanning? Or we just need to scan the original documents? Thanks in advance.
  13. I am new to this thing .i just want to know how to proceed with filling up my information on website.like will a different link show up as i have received LAA now
    .because as i logged in now it showed same thing as shown earlier.like i am submitting my EOI for first time
  14. you have to proceed in answering the questions again. It is now the LAA wherein you can upload all documents required.

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