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Got MPNP LAA today, score 545. Draw 42.

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by PPSB15, Mar 13, 2018.

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    I did not read anything about having all documents notarized. We just have to scan the original document then upload.
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  2. Hi I received my LAA but I'm planning to decline it Mali po kasi yung nailagay ko sa Education, pinili ko kasi is 2 years post secondary certificate dapat po pala is Three or more years makaka affect kaya un sa application ko once na iaccept ko ung LAA or Hindi? Salamat po sa sasagot
  3. What was indicated in your ECA?
  4. I got mine too.....545!! Im so happy.
    Please lets talk about what to do next.
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  5. Thanks.
    I have a university batch mate.
    Can I apply ?
    what proof is required to say he is my friend ?
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  6. I received my LAA too
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  7. Hi guys,
    I have submitted my EOI to Manitoba and got a confirmation email. But where do I see my score? I am not able to find my score in my profile. Please help. And also, let me know the next steps that I should be taking.. Thanks in advance..
  8. Can anyone screen shot sample email or part of your LAA?
  9. People who have received LAA recently please share your number, I have created a whatsapp group.

    **Only for people who received LAA recently**
  10. Meron din po grupo para sa mga pinoy. Bigay nyo po numero nyo kung gusto nyo po sumali :)
  11. Guys..let me know if anyone has submitted interest for Manitoba 2018 Mission - May session in Germany
  12. Go to the review section
  13. PPSB, congrats on receiving your LAA. Where are you from?
  14. @PPSB15, are you Filipino? And your score 545, is that skilled worker manitoba or overseas? Thank you
  15. I'm applying from Philippines. I applied for mpnp overseas skilled worker express entry. Are you from philippines as well? Have you submitted your application?

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