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Got MPNP LAA today, score 545. Draw 42.

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by PPSB15, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Thanks so much
  2. Hi. I already submitted EOI but i would like to apply for mpnp express entry. I dont have EE profile yet. Is it okay to create EE, edit my EOI and re submit? Would really appreciate your help! Thank you in advance
  3. Hello Everyone,

    I got my LAA and now submitting my requirements. In the financial part, my bank statement shows the money I got from my mom, which will help me complete the required money. It is a large sum and I'm wondering if I should ask my mom to write a letter stating the reason why she gave me that money. And should I ask my mom to write a bank certificate of her financial? Or just a letter?

    Thank you and I hope you guys could help me.
  4. Yes. Once you already have your EE, you can update and input the EE profile number and job seeker validation code on your EOI.:)
  5. Hi there! Did you already got the answer for this? If not you can email mpnp at immigratemanitoba@gov.mb.ca
  6. Congratulations, i got my on 12th may and need some help in filling the full form .
    Can you please guide me through?
  7. hi! by any chance have you received any acknowledgement email with regards to the SP2 submitted?
  8. hi scargee! draw 42 din ako. ask ko lng kung ano n status ng application mo? nakareceive k b ng acknowledgement email with regards s SP2?
    please let me know if the whatsapp group is still active. thanks!
  9. Hi there! My relative received acknowledgement email after 17 days of sending sp2. When did your relative receive send the sp2? You can also email them regarding this issue.
  10. ahhh ok. sp2 was sent on 11th may. i guess i just have to wait and be patient lol
    assessment in process k n?
  11. Hello PPSB, when did you submit the full application? and what is the next step after this? I just received LAA on May 12 and planning to submit soon. I also would like to know if there is any break between jobs and have nothing to show during this period, will this be a problem in processing the application?
  12. Yah, you just have to wait for few more days :) you or your supporter can just email mpnp after few days if your supporter still have'nt acknowledgement. My status is still received.
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  13. Hi there, im from draw 42. Applied may 4. I dont think it will be a problem. Better to email mpnp at immigratemanitoba@gov.mb.ca and explain your situation. They usually reply after 3 to 4 days.
  14. yep that is what i'll do. thanks a lot PPSB15
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  15. hello!! ask ko Lang may chance Po ba mapili at mabigyan Ng LAA Ang applicant na may score na 450 - 475 sa EOI under SKILLED WORKER OVERSEAS STREAM of MPNP?

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