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Gic confirmation letter.

Discussion in 'International Students' started by KAJAL PATEL, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. My address in gic payment receipt is differ from passport with only one alphabet .Will it be reason for visa rejection.
  2. Not at all. Don’t worry.
  3. Is there any problem.{In My gic payment receipt there is a slight mistake in my place name (my place is Ernakulam and in my give fee recept it is only rnakulam the letter "E" is missing).Will it be a reason for visa rejection.}
  4. In GIC ,is college name also written?
  5. No
  6. Hi, priyavart. My wire transfer also got rejected due to ordering customer mismatch and it has been more than 10 days and I have not received my money back in my indian account. Kindly advise me on this situation. How you dealt with it and what should I do to get my money back as India bank is saying me to contact nova scotia and Nova Scotia is saying that they have already returned the money. Kindly advise
  7. The best you can do rightnow is wait, you will get your money after a few days, 2-3 weeks is a normal time that they take to return your money back into your account. So don’t worry.
    what i did was, i contacted my bank ( ICICI GURGAON) immediately after my payment was rejected and asked them to update my information and after that resend my money to Scotiabank, instead of returning it to my bank account. So they made the changes and reverted back the payment( it took 5-6 days) . After these 5-6 days I received my GIC. But since it’s already been a long time for you, i don’t think u can revert it now ( still ask ur bank if u have such option ) , so wait for your money to get refunded and send the payment again.
  8. It’s better to do GIC with CIBC bank and They’re less particular about this much details and processing is way better than Scotia bank because you don’t wire transfer. You do RTGS transaction to Mumbai branch.
  9. plz open your acx in icici bank canada... they issue you gic certificate in 2 days... i got my gic in just one day... transfer from sbi on 11 march 3:15 and got gic on 12 march 6 pm india time
  10. Hello Priyavart,
    I am yet to process wire transfer. I too have address mismatch on passport and Bank details.
    I have received an application from branch manager for wire transfer. In that application, if I mention passport address in the column of applicant address and beneficiary address will that be okay?
    or should i update my address in the bank database? Also, My offer letter consists of new address, different from passport address.
    Please let me know your thoughts on this issue
  11. For GIC never go for ICICI, there are just a handful branches and way outside the city. Scotia is way better. It's everywhere and easily manageable.
  12. hi everyone, i have sent my gic payment on 19 may. today is 4 june and i have not received my gic confirmation letter. can any one please help me
  13. did you try contacting scotia bank?
  14. KAJAL actually the matter is Scotiabank's server is running down these days I also face same problems . So I call them they said once they received gic they will inform you and send you GIC certificate within 5 business days. You can track your GIC if u have UTR number which is generated while doing transaction to Scotiabank
  15. hello guys i did wire transfer on 12june and i checked the address and everything was same as in passport but its 21 june didn't receive any payment confirmation or my GIC certificate yet i contacted in bank they says that the payment has been initiated and would've been already reached in my GIC. account what should i do i?
    and i send it in SCOTIA BANK

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