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Exporting/Importing Vehicle - US to Canada ONLY!

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Baffled, May 21, 2016.

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    Hi Guys, I am moving to Canada (Ottawa) from US. I am driving from Raleigh. I have applied PR, but for now I am moving with my work permit. Going through the forums, it looks like we do not need to go through the entire export - import work for Work Permit. Am I right? In that case, after I get my PR can I just drive back and do the import - export work? If so what is the process I need to follow in Canada? Any help please?
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    So, you do not have PR yet...
    Do you have your "work permit" or do not have one? - "I am moving with my work permit.", "In that case, after I get my work permit" ?

    Very confusing questions..., but read on the links below:

    As a visitor or temporary resident, you can bring a vehicle into Canada for your own use. Under Section 7(1)(b) of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (MVSA), a motor vehicle may be admitted temporarily into Canada without complying with the Motor Vehicle Safety Regulations if it is to be used exclusively by a person entering Canada as a visitor or a person passing through Canada to another country. Persons entering under a work permit or student visa are also considered as visitors for the application of this section of the MVSA.
  3. Hi Alex, this is my situation:
    1. I have applied for PR. Still in process. Will take at least a month or so more to complete
    2. I am in US on H1B.
    3. My company has processed my Work Permit and I am reporting at Canada office on the 4th of July.
    4. I am planning to cross the Alexandria Bay border on the 29th of June.
    5. I have no intention of returning back to US at least for the next 5 years or so

    My question:
    1. Since I am only on Work Permit, what should I do?
    2. Am I eligible or Do I need to go through the entire process of Export (from US) and Import (into Canada) of my personal vehicle?
  4. Right. If you are entering Canada on Work permit then you will skip USA export process and directly head to Canada POE and get your car "temporarily" imported to Canada.

    Once you get PR, you will drive to USA, keep Car their for 72 hours and then go to USA export office to get your car formally exported out of USA, then go to Canada POE to get your "permanently" imported into Canada. If you not a US Citizen or GC holder or not from visa-exempt countries then you will need to figure out logistics of how you will enter USA once you become PR. Alternately, you can just keep driving your "temporarily" imported Car in Canada until you are ready to send it to a junkyard as "temporarily" imported Cars cannot be sold in Canada.
  5. All I can say that when you get your PR you will have to do official landing and during that time you will be able to export-import your vehicle (titled on your name) free of duty as a new settler. Hopefully at that time you still are on your valid H1B visa and will be able to enter US to do export.

    Please read again - http://www.tc.gc.ca/en/services/road/importing-vehicle/temporarily/faq-visitors-tourists-temporary-residents-entering-canada-foreign-owned-vehicles.html

    Personally I would drive for a while US plated/insured vehicle with US DL until you get your PR. Make sure you get from your US insurance company proper yellow Canadian insurance card to be presented to Canadian authorities on request. When you get your CORP - exchange your DL to Canadian one, get Canadian insurance and do formal export-import.
  6. So am I not allowed to do the Export - Import process or I can choose not to? Because, if I can I would rather prefer to do the complete Export - Import process since I have a PR on the way anyway.
  7. On USA side you can export car when you move to Canada on Work permit but Canada won't allow you to "permanently" import Car on Work permit.

    Food for thought: What if you export car from USA and temporarily import car into Canada now and once you get PR, you just flagpole and do "permanent" import Car into Canada. This way you won't need to enter USA and stay there for 3 days. I have never seen anyone doing this but no harm in checking with CBSA on this.

    P.S: I am speaking from personal experience. I was on Work Permit in Canada in 2015-2016 and moved permanently to Canada in 2019 as PR.
  8. Hi
    I am a Canadian citizen and my wife is American. She will hopefully be coming to Canada temporarily as a worker while we file our spousal PR sponsorship papers.
    We are trying to figure out how to bring her car here. I understand that she could temporarily import it and then would need to permanently import it once she becomes a permanent resident. However, it would be incredibly challenging for us to just flagpole - we live very, very far from the US border - it would literally take us days of driving.
    If we bought a car in the United States under my name, could she permanently import it for me? I know we would have to pay duties on it. Or if we bought the car together and had both our names on the title, could we import it permanently before she became a PR? I’m not going to be able to make the drive with her because of my work schedule.
    I’m trying to figure out how to do this conveniently. It would obviously be easiest if she could just fly in and then buy a car in Canada, but because she’s traveling with a beloved elderly dog, I’m not sure it’ll be an option.
  9. Hi there. I am moving from NJ to BC as a permanent resident and will be driving my car over by myself at Blaine, Washington. I have reviewed their Vehicle Export Cover Sheet and am totally confused. I have no idea what half of the information is that they are requesting. While I did reach out to them, I have yet to hear a response. Has anyone completed the form and can help me? I need help with everything after the Description of Vehicle section. I also know I have to pay a broker for the ITN. I pasted and copied below.

    U.S. Customs & Border Protection

    Vehicle Export Cover Sheet

    Port of Export: BLAINE, WA

    Description of Vehicle/Equipment




    Title #:

    Title State:

    Transportation Information





    BoL/AWB/Booking #:

    Export Date: / /

    Port of Unlading:

    Ultimate Destination:

    Vehicle Location:



    date of birth:




    Zip Code:


    ID #:

    Type & Issuer:

    Ultimate Consignee ([ ] check if shipper)


    Date of birth:






    Designated Agent/Broker/Freight Forwarder






  11. Is this a question or description of someone's experience?
  12. Hi,

    Did you found out what to mention in the foreign vendor information? Also about statement of compliance for the vehicle?

  13. I've got a situation that hopefully someone can give me some clarity on.

    I came to Canada as a visitor in September of 2017, applied for PR through Spousal Sponsorship in November of 2017, and landed as a permanent resident in November of 2018. When I had originally came over in September, I had brought the car that I owned (financed through Ford). Sometime in 2018, my registration had lapsed since I was not in the States to renew it, and since that time my car has been off the road. After fighting with Ford and TD for months as they wouldn't give permission to register here while financing, and TD gave me the runaround for financing the vehicle, I've finally secured a copy of my title that doesn't have Ford's name as a lien holder on it.

    Now I've clarified with CBSA that for purposes of claiming the car as a settler's effect, having financed it before I had driven it over the border back in September 2017 would qualify as owning it, so I'm not too worried about that at the moment. What I am worried about is the fact that the vehicle isn't currently registered anywhere and I can't seem to find any way of legally transporting my vehicle to the border for export without incurring a heavy amount of fees, as ServiceOntario and CBSA are both telling me that the only way to get it to the border for export/import would be to tow it from London Ontario to Port Huron, MI (roughly 110km). Is there something that I'm missing?
  14. Hello everyone, I had a question about my car import. I had imported my car from the US into Canada (BC) with me as a settler's effect and was not charged any duty on it. Now, for some reason I need to urgently sell my car that I had imported with me. However, I remember the CBSA officer at the border told me that I cannot sell my car for a year after import date because it is tax exempt.
    It hasn't been one year since I had imported it. What sort of duty will I have to pay in order to sell my car before the 1 year is up ? The car was manufactured in the US and so I am assuming duty does not apply to NAFTA manufactured cars. What fees is due upon me selling my car ? The car was imported from WA, US to BC, CA.
  15. Guys, I'm thinking of importing my wife's car on Monday.
    I haven't not submitted the document to CBP (Ambassador bridge). I am thinking of sending the email to them today on Wednesday.

    1. What all documents and information do I need to include in the email?
    2. If I send the email today (Wednesday), can I import the car on Sunday eve/night? Or should I do it on Monday just to be safe (avoiding weekend)?

    Thanks in advance.

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