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Etobicoke Landing interview timeline.

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Here2help, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. When did you get 2nd medical result
  2. About 4-6 weeks other said 10 weeks.
    I got mine in 5 weeks
  3. Hi brothers and sisters
    I am ready to cry I got dm on April 10 still waiting for the Etobicoke appointment this is my 5th week.
  4. I got my DM April 4 and still nothing...:(
  5. Hi Guys,
    How long it takes 2nd medical received message to dm
  6. Hi everyone! I got DM 4 April,email about interview 10 May/ and today 16 May LANDING
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    Hi everyone
    I got dm on April 10 still waiting for the Etobicoke appointment this is the last day of my 5th week.
    Please share your ideas

    Thank you
  8. Hi guys, I just got my landing interview letter from Etobicoke yesterday for May 24, DM on April 16. It took me almost 5 weeks. Good luck everyone!!!
  9. i got confirmation email may 3 got interview letter may 13 landing interview may 17
  10. how long they usually take to send pr card after interview??
  11. 8-10 weeks
  12. normally 57 days
  13. Hi everyone. How long it takes medical received message to dm

  14. Hi,

    My parents application for visa extension transferred to etobicoke visa office. Anyone any idea why they sent file there and what is going on. We are very worried about this. Please give your opinions as to what to expect from this visa office.

    Thank you so much in advance for replying.
  15. My interview at Etobicoke was scheduled for today. I am happy to inform all that I finally got my PR. :)
    Although the mail mentioned it as an interview, but it was nothing like one. It was landing actually. I am not sure why did I did not get the typical 'passport request' email for PPR and was directly called for Landing by IRCC Etobicoke.

    But here is my new concern. I really hope that somebody from this forum would be able to help me out for this. :(

    Usually people get the passport request email and passports are submitted for all the applicants (including dependents not in Canada right now).However, as mentioned I did not get this email and was directly called for landing interview.
    How is my spouse who is in India currently going to get his Visa to enter Canada?
    I do not have any PPR email based on which my spouse can submit his passport.

    I called the IRCC helpline and inquired for same. However the lady did not seem to be too sure herself. She said you 'might' get it soon. She did not seem to be clear about this whole new process thing,

    Please help!! Will I get a separate passport request mail for my spouse? Is there anything that I can do to followup?

    Thanks in advance.

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