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Etobicoke Landing interview timeline.

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Here2help, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Any1 got news from Etobicoke???
    Ant1 got interview date from Etobicoke??? Update
  2. where did you applied from?where are you from?i mean your nationality,and how did you claim?inland or in the border?
  3. So, after the DM is the landing appointment and then that's it?
  4. Today I got email from Etobicoke for landing interview on October 16. Wish me good luck
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  5. After approvel how long you got landing interview ?
    Pleasw update
  6. DM September 26
    Landing interview on October 16
  7. Congratulations bro
    I will update once i get a news thanks
  8. You ll get good news from IRCC
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  9. Hopefully soon brother thanks alot
  10. So about 16 days between your DM and Etobicoke’s landing call. Promising !!!

    Thanks for sharing this with us.
  11. Yes now I m worried about landing interview. Wish me a good luck
  12. Hi..can anyone help me on how to pay the right of permanent residence fee for my spousal sponsorship inland..
  13. Why? you should not be worried. It should be exciting ... Good luck!
  14. guys would you help me?i dont know the meaning of DM and landing interview.i claimed my file 3th oct,and they told me my hearing will be in next12-24monthes,does it really like this?

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