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Driving License Extract (from India) Query?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by mits0829, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Hi @vivsters .. your posts are really helpful.. Can u clarify if Dlextract and DL Experience certificate (as some talk about) is same thing? Thanks.
  2. Hi @Prats6 .. It would be gret if u can expalin a bit more about that insurance difference between G and G1. Thanks.
  3. Hi could someone share the content of the dl extract.
  4. did u get through this?
  5. How did you resolve this, i am getting the same issue where as my DL is from maharashtra
  6. Lol i am in Canada and even got my licence haha, ok bro the issue is that u r in the wrong page, the option is on a different page . If u still don’t find it give me ur contact num. i will whatsapp u
  7. Hi. Does anyone know what happens in case of a maiden name on license. I am Canada now and want to get a DL extract through the online method. Do I need to get the name changed first or can I get it issued in maiden name and the authorities here would consider it? Please help!
  8. Hi. How did you get an extract from Canada? I am also in Canada and have my maiden name on extract. Any idea how to go about this? Thanks
  9. Bro call me on 647-404-4555 , i can help u out
  10. Hi folks,

    1 quick question regarding the DL extract. I was under the impression that we can get the copy downloaded from the parivahan website. I submitted the application and made the payment also. Does someone need to go physically to a RTO and get the extract?
    I do not have anyone to go there and get it in India. Can someone please suggest?
  11. Hi. How did you deal with this? I am in a similar situation. please help
  12. Hi,

    I am currently based in Toronto (Canada) and was planning on applying for a Canada Licence. I have heard that if you get a DL from India then you can directly apply for G instead of G2. I was using the link https://sarathi.parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice9/sarathiHomePublic.do and went to Apply Online - > Services of Driving Licence. Filled in my details and then when I proceeded it asked me to add Adhar Card number and other details on confirming it. It just took me back to the starting page.

    Can someone guide me how can I get a DL extract. Also how long will it take to get it. I can ask my parents to collect it from the RTO and then courier it to me if needed, but unsure how to even order it or apply for it.

    Can someone please help me.

    Thanks in advance.
  13. If website doesn't work then apply locally at the RTO and get it courier it here. Cant comment on how long it takes for local RTO to provide it..was half a day work at my RTO(pune).
  14. They send it to your DL license address.
  15. Get hold of someone locally who can
    1) change your name and get a duplicate DL and then
    2) apply for extract
    3) courier both to you here

    I had the almost the same case.

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