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Driving License Extract (from India) Query?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by mits0829, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Step by step in India:

    1) Go to https://parivahan.gov.in/sarathiservice7/stateSelection.do

    2) Select your state from the drop down.

    3) Once the page refreshes automatically, there's a section called "Print License Details" on the left side. Select DL Extract Print Request.

    4) Once filled with the correct details, submit, and you'll get an application number with the details of your request.

    5) Have someone on your behalf take a physical copy of this and go to the local RTO in India along with a printout of a request letter (why you need this extract for - mention Canadian driving license as the reason) and copy of your existing license. Also carry copies of passport and visa just to be safe.

    6) Go to the cash counter with this application and pay the fees. (Rs. 10 or 20)

    7) Submit this to another counter - the person at the cash section will tell you which one.

    8) Wait for 7-10 days and choose the pick-up option instead of courier.

    9) Keep checking the application status on the same page which had the 'Print Dl Extract' section. There's a drop down section at the left top which says "apply online" and you'll notice "application status". Even if you don't get a text notification but your status is showing as 'complete', then head to the RTO and pick it up.

    In Canada for Class 5 or G (depending on province) test and exchange:

    1) Go to the drivetest center and submit the DL Extract page along with your passport and driver's license. Get the vision test and pay your fees. Clear the knowledge test. Make sure you get the years of experience added to the form because this will waive off the waiting period.

    2) Once you get your learner's license, practice, practice. Once ready, take the full road test. If you're in Ontario, you have only a single chance at passing the G test. Failure means going back to taking a lower level G2 test and then retake the G.
  2. Hi Vivsters, I am facing a challenge here, I did visit Mississauga Drive Test Centre and the person is asking for the DL Extract, the one I had was over 6 months old, would you be able to advise on a solution, will they accept the print online? Thanks in advance
  3. How important is it that the address on both, my passport and driving license (and DL Extract), is the same? Will the Canadian authorities have a problem if the addresses are different?
  4. No, but the spelling of the name and date of birth should be an exact match.
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  5. Thank you. Appreciate the help!
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  6. Hi all :)
    i will be moving to Canada in august 2019 so i am sitting here right now to get my DL extract. i have 2 doubts which are:-

    1) My name in my passport is Nirali Bhuta where as in my licence is it Nirali S Bhuta so will this create a problem ?
    2) My address in passport does not have the word "R.no." in it where as in my licence there is "R.No. printed is this okay?

    Kindly reply as i have got very less days in my hand as i will be leaving by mid August
  7. Hi, I submitted my application and downloaded the form(pre-filled). It also has pages of medical certificate which need to be signed by a DR. Is medical certificate required for getting DL Extract?
  8. Hi,

    I have a chip-card issued in 2010 and I visited the Parivahan site, I can find my details on the site but it doesn't let me apply or pay for the extract online. I tried getting in touch with the Parivahan team via email and their only response is "Visit your RTO". I am from Maharashtra.

    My question is:
    Since I have chip license, do I require a DL extract?
    What are the fees(approx) for the same?

  9. Hello, i just applied for DL extract online from India. I have Indian DL. When i finished applying, saved the ACK and pre-filled application, 2 things seemed unknown to me.
    1. This below text-
    Note : - (1) An applicant who answers 'Yes' to any of the questions (a),(c),(e), (f) and (g) or 'No' to either
    of the questions (b) and (d) should amplify his answers with full particulars, and may be
    required to give further information relating thereto.
    (2) This declaration is to be submitted invariably with Medical Certificate in Form 1-A.

    are we supposed to take some medical declaration also?

    2. I did not get any option to pay fees online. but on my application status page it shows, fee payment is completed. I am not sure how.

    Now that i have submitted today, after how many days should i go to collect my extract?

    Any help on the above questions will be great.
    Thanks in advance.
  10. You would need a new extract with a date less than 6 months away, they are strict about it
  11. Not a strict answer to your question, but bI would mention here, you might be able to get things faster than online if you are willing to spend few hours at rto office.
    Check https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/dl-extract-to-on-g-license-complete-experience.643599/
  12. Hi Did you require a DL extract/ experience letter, given you have a chip card?


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