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Driving License Extract (from India) Query?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by mits0829, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Hi All,

    I have couple of doubts/question regarding DL extract from India.

    1. I have my license from Mumbai (currently staying in Pune). I came to know about parivahan.gov.in where we can apply for the DL extract online. Anybody with Mumbai RTO done this? In that case any idea how many days it takes and how to collect it, i.e. if I apply it now and can collect it later after 15-20 days or so?
      By any chance can I apply to Pune RTO i.e. collect from Pune RTO?

    2. My Wife's license is from Vadodara. So her address on DL is of her vadodara place, whereas the Passport is updated with new name (post-marriage surname change) and my Mumbai address. So,
      • Is it compulsory to have new name and address (matching passport) for the DL extract?
      • If yes, is the procedure like apply for name change at Vadodara RTO with NOC to transfer the address change to Mumbai. Later apply for DL extract from Mumbai RTO? (or what should be the process)
    Anyone experience similar situation (and/or location) please assist me. Thanks.
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  2. Hello.

    I am facing the same problem that post marriage my wife’s name on passport has been changed , whereas on her license it is her maiden name.

    On DL extract form we have her old name. How to deal with this situation.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, my query is in the same direction and I really appreciate if anyone can help.

    My Passport has last name-first name-middle name, and the DL has only first name-last name. Also, the DL address is of my hometown and PP address is my current one.
    So is it a valid match with passport in terms of the name? And should I have to update the address too? Because the DL is valid for that particular state, so the address is not supposed to be an obstacle. Because my current address and my home address belongs to the same state.

    This is very confusing, and on the parivahan.gov.in one can only avail one service at once. If I have to get the both name and address done, one after the other, it's gonna take around 3 months. Well, I'm in India so I can boost the process, but when I'll be in Canada it won't be possible.

    I think the name part supposed to work, and I can only do the address part; but need an experienced opinion.
  4. Hi Guys,

    I am also in similar situation.

    My Passport has first name - last name but DL has first name-middle name -last name.

    Do I need to update my DL name as per passport?

    For Ontario province, do we need International DL and DL Extract at the time of landing?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


  5. hey buddies,
    i got my extract in a day.
    if you want to change name or address then you should get it done one by one.
    you cannot have all of the things in one go.
    if your priority is to change name then you should get it done first.
    You can get DL extract in less than half an hour, and there is no fee for it.
    just take the print of online application
    hope this helps
  6. Thanks Buddy,

    it's really helpful.

    Any idea, Can I update name from different state? Currently staying in NCR but DL issued from Punjab..

    Timeline for this process?

  7. Hey.. visit that site parivahan.gov.in or sarathi services related parivahan. Google it.
    There you can select services offered on your DL.
    As you said you wanna try interstate then select states and rto accordingly. then it will tell you all the necessary documents and fees, and you can take appointment to the nearest rto office if you wish.
    As for timeline it may depend upon the service you willing to avail. But mostly they have maximum resolution period. So it won't take long. :)
  8. Thanks for quick response.

    Are you re-located to CA?

  9. Hi,

    I have a similar query. I am moving to Canada (Ontario) next week. I have an Indian driving licence. In order to cut short the overall time taken for getting Canadian licence, should I try getting both Driving extract and International Driving Permit from India?

    Also, as I understand it's quite difficult to get an authentication letter on RTO letterhead from here, will the Driving extract serve similar purpose ?

    The address mentioned on my Driving licence and that on my passport are different (although both are from the same city. Do I need to first change that too?

  10. Hi All,

    I have 2 queries regarding the license extract.
    1. I went to this website - https://parivahan.gov.in but I am not sure where I can request an application for driver's license extract. Can someone please tell me end to end flow on the application and the process?
    2. I am already in Canada, so once I have submitted the application online, then I heard it takes 15-20 days. Can anyone else collect the extract on my behalf as I am not present? Or can they courier me as I am not present in India?

    Please suggest. Thanks for your help
  11. Under
    Under Online services choose Driving Licence related services and then choose your state, RTO and take it from there.. Fill up the form, then submit, take a print and take it to the RTO, u will get the DL extract
    Once you submit the application, You can take the print to the RTO even the next day, doesnt take 15-20 days. They will handover the DL extract on your behalf, I gave an authority letter and they gave (Thane, Maharashtra RTO)
    They wont courier, only option is to collect from RTO, you can give your licence copy-self attested (to be on safe side)
  12. Hi,

    My name as per license is - Kapish Goyal Son of Vinod Goyal
    As per passport it is Kapish Vinodkumar Goyal

    Is that alright ? Will this DL be ok once i land in CAD and show there ?
  13. Thanks.. this info helps.. :)
  14. In my case, it did not cause an issue. Here in Toronto they did a look up of my Thane, Maharashtra Licence online and they took the DL extract and added the full driving experience......
    Is you name on line1 and son of ......... on line2?
  15. Yes true My name on Line 1 and Son of on Line 2. Is it ok to use this bro in Toronto ? The only difference is Middle name

    Passport is - Kapish Vinodkumar Goyal
    DL is - Kapish Goyal - 1st Line
    Vinod Goyal - 2nd Line (Son of)


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