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Driving License Extract (from India) Query?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by mits0829, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. I had a similar case, they accepted the DL Extract & added full experience.....
  2. Hi,

    Also one more question I will go to the RTO Friday to collect it as i applied it on Tuesday. Is it ok ? Also how long is this DL extract valid in Canada ? I mean once i land in Canada how fast should i apply for DL ?
  3. It should be okay to go on Friday, don't know how fast your RTO provides. My RTO did give in 3 days to my authorized person..... There is no validity per say, When u come to Canada, you can apply immediately. Keep in mind that you would need to provide address though where you will have the licence delivered.
  4. Hi Bro,

    Just collected my DL extract from RTO today. I will carry it along with me when i land in CAD with my Original DL, Any other document required ?

    Also please tell me what will be the benefit that i will get if i have DL extract in CAD. Some one told me you will be able to skip 1 exam for CAD license.
  5. Other documents as in you need your, PR Card/ COPR, passport... you will have to give the G1 written exam (no escape there). you will get an experience added depending upon the years you have the Indian permanent licence, so you can go for G directly and skip G2.... however you only have one attempt (not completely sure though) for the G using this route.... else you can get G2 (the only difference with G is alcohol limit... and insurance :) ) with every attempt you give for G it is $90 so it helps to practice properly before u give the G test.
  6. Great thanks alot bro, appreciate ur help.
  7. So, with Indian DL, you get mahout 1 yr points. You have to appear for driving test in 1 year.
  8. I dont get your question completely,
    however with your Indian DL and DL extract, you typically get the full experience. You dont have to wait at all for the G road test. But you get 1 attempt(not completely sure) or else you have to go for G2.
  9. Hi.... can u send me the link pls where u got the form to apply DL Extract? I cant find it anywhere.
  10. Bro thanks for yr prompt reply... i tried it but when u request for the extract .. it asked me ALL STATE , when i clicked that it never showed me any state except ODISA... so i m stuck again... now i dont know how do i request it. Business Thanks Bro.
  11. Choose Apply Online (On left hand side)------> Services on Driving Licence-------> Continue..... then fill in your Licence details and select your RTO in the "Submit request to" section...
  12. Thanks bro i m getting a hold of it, my application is showing pending, now i dont know when will they accept the payment... as i try paying them but the fees is showing ZERO.
  13. I have realised you do not need a DL Extract if you want just 12 months of Experience. If you can get an extract of more than 2 years, then you can directly go for your G (after G1). Insurance is the only real difference, but that depends on a lot of factors. Don't fret if your DL is in English and not expired.
  14. I would be moving to Canada by 15th of Nov, '18. Do I need to get a DL extract now from India? I will not be driving in Canada for the next one year; will the extract taken now, remain valid after 12 months?

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