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Diploma in Canada after masters

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Ravneetbhullar1234, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. Hi Friend,

    I have completed my Bachelor in Physiotherapy (From India) and there after I did my Msc in Health management (From UK). Since past 4 and Half year I have been working with Patient's electronic health records. I have applied for Diploma in Health information management to focus on ICD 10 coding and health care data analysis. As there is no Master course available which gives provides both of these modules together. Is that fine? please help? Thanks
  2. I have done masters in electronics & communication...is that good option to take gradute certificate course in canada?
  3. Hlo everyone,
    i need your help. i am doing MSc chemistry. i want to know that can i apply for pg diploma in canada. as i heard that masters from india is not valid there.
  4. Hi,

    Have you done WES evaluation to verify equivalence with Canadian degree? There is free tool available on WES website but it just to give you brief idea. Please have a look, if that helps. Thanks
  5. I checked recently, Msc from india is equivalent to Bachelor's degree (4 year).
    Now can i apply for pg Diploma in canada?
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    Yes you can.
    Better if you apply for MSc at some Canadian University, which will also provide you scholarships in terms of RA/TA as you being International student. For PG Diploma's there is very slight chance of any funding. Also you can try applying for MEng courses, again very rare to find funding for it but easy to get admission as compared to MSc.
    Good luck.!
  7. Thank you so much for your kind information, one thing more that i want to know , Is there any chance of refusal if i apply for pg Diploma as i am already Master degree holder from india?
  8. Sorry, I dont want to discourage you but yes you already have Masters from India (which you can't hide) and now applying for something inferior course. There are chances of refusal but it all depends on your luck too. I won't take that chance.
  9. Did you applied for the visa?
    I have also applied for the fast track visa program of Biotechnology for 1 year.
    I have completed my M.Sc from Biotechnology too.
    Please do revert back or feel free to contact on hitarthpatel1234@gmail.com
  10. hello all.
    my profile is : Btech in 2013 with 4 backlogs, Mtech finished in 2015 with 5 backlogs, with 1 year of experience and still working. I want to go for PGD course for May 2018 intake. Should I have to hide my masters or with masters I can get Visa? Because may agents told me that after masters they wont select you. Please some expert guide me.
    Thank you
  11. Horrible idea to lie in your application and hide your Masters.

    I'm assuming that at some point you will want to apply for PR - and you'll want to declare your Masters because it will give you more points and increase your chances of being selected for PR. However if you've hidden your Masters in your study permit - this will create complications when you then want to submit your PR application and include your Masters.

    Write a strong SOP to explain your studies in Canada - don't lie in your application.
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  12. Thank you for your response. I am aware about the PR points but what I scare of is the agent's response. Like IDP consultants speak negatively and many others too.
  13. They're just after your money/fees. They don't care about your long term plans.
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  14. what about having a bachelor degree and applying for advanced diploma with A good SOP?
  15. I have done my Masters in English and I want to do study in Canada .....ND please give me some suggestions for ...my study

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