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Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Wolfpmd3, May 1, 2019.

  1. Quick question guys.
    I have received my AOR and medical passed update.
    I am awaiting my PPR right now.
    Can I start working on a part-time side job along with my current job? Do I need to inform CIC about this too?

  2. U can work part-time along with current full-time Job and you don't have to report it to IRCC
  3. Karan did you heard anything about passport
  4. I called them today, it's still in the mail room.
  5. They Didnt pick up till now.
    I sent them on 25th June and they received on 27th morning, so they gonna take time.
  6. As per the current Scenario, it is taking around 13 days to approve the application and 21 days to get your passport back.
  7. you do not need to upload IELTS PDF document. the test id result is good enough
  8. i suggest you upload it. be on the safe side
  9. sorry for my misunderstanding, since there is no place in my CEC EE profile asking to upload IETLS result. I used to think I will upload it in the supporting document but I didnt upload. Should I upload it through web form now ?
  10. Guys,
    Called in CIC help desk, they said my application is in Vancouver office. Is that bad I dont se too many record on immi tracker with visa office as Vancouver and what ever record do have it as visa office those i see get PPR email almost always 5-6 months..
    am I destined to wait for an eternity :-(
    Is Vancouver center really that slow

    AOR:4th May,
    MEP 17th June
    CAT: CEC Inland
  11. What is you NOC? How come so fast ... anyways congratulations
  12. I think there is a result reference number of your IELTS result, and you don have to upload the scanned paper one..........
  13. Ok thank you
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    Hi Karanshah,
    Any idea how long it usually takes to get your passport back? . I am not in this stage yet but i am putting plans now. i already booked a flight and i am afraid that a delay to get my passport will clash with my flight time. i am inland applicant by the way
  15. Any update on medicals

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