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CEC - MAY 2019 Applicants - Join Here

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Wolfpmd3, May 1, 2019.

  1. You can either call or order GCMS
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  2. Should be pretty quick......
  3. I am applied on June 12, 2019, waiting on AOR
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  4. I think you can use the auto response letter you received when you submitted your application and apply for Bridge Work permit, just to make sure you don't fall out of status.
  5. CEC Inland application
    AOR : May 04th
    Medical Passed : June 17th
    PPR email : June 24th
    Passports delivered to Ottawa: June 27th
    Waiting for passports with stamping :)

    Thanks alot. Thank you.
  6. CEC Applicant
    AOR : May 21st 2019
    MEP: 2nd July 2019

    Estimated time to completion displayed: 4 months

    Does anyone know what happens next?
    I am living in Canada right now. Do I need to submit biometrics?
  7. Hi, your PR took only 8 weeks? Can you confirm? I am seeing alot of people post their timeline and it's definitely less than 6 months which is good news.
  8. yes, luckily it did.
  9. Nothing yet. Called CIC on the last Thursday, the guy told me to wait till 15 days and then call back.
  10. Were there any specific steps you took which resulted in such fast processing time? Example, upfront medical, PCC, documents? How would you describe your experience? Thank you in advance :) This information will be helpful.
  11. My friends have applied for PNP or CEC before me. So, I made sure I upload all Documents (and some Additional Documents which were requested to my friends) upfront
    RCMP, Medical- Upfront. Language test result combined with graduation Certificates and rest, as they asked
  12. CEC Inland Applicant

    AOR : May 22nd 2019
    MEP: July 2nd 2019
  13. Is it necessary for the RCMP? I got upfront medical exam but not took RCMP certificate... Do I need to get it right now or wait for requirement?
  14. You can do either. The reason some of us get it upfront is to avoid waste of time. If there is a request for RCMP then your application will be delayed as it takes around 7-14 business days to receive RCMP.

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