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CEC - MAY 2019 Applicants - Join Here

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Wolfpmd3, May 1, 2019.

  1. OK Guys,

    Got the golden email

    AOR 4th May CEC application,
    MED Pass 21st June
    PPR 25th June
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  2. Yes
    Its written
  3. Yes its same like this.
  4. AOR 4th MAy
    MED PASS 21st JUNE
    PPR 25th JUNE
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  5. Yes, it's a requirement for all applicants.
  6. congratulations.. and then there are people like us who are May 2018 AOR and still waiting :)
  7. Congrats to lucky ones who already received PPR email. Good to see things moving on for MAY AOR applications.
    Mine however seems to be stuck with Background status showing haven't started yet. Was wondering if there is any issue but haven't seen any message or update on the profile since MEP. Should I be concerned or wait another couple weeks. Would appreciate some guidance.

    My details:
    NOC 2174
    AOR : 4th May
    MEP: 17th June
    PCC: Provided for India, US and Canada in the initial application
  8. I would say my name is not common in Canada. My name probably (among Hispanics) but my last name definitely not.

    You get a message with a letter attached saying to get a RCMP fingerprint based criminal check and then a new slot in the documents section will open up for you to upload it once you receive it.
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  9. So there will be no update after MEP in your account. You will get an email for PPR. So look your emails and spam too. Next update comes in the account when they approve and stamp your passpost.
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  10. Congrats, it's amazing how the NS office processes the applications. I'm here stuck with Edmonton, they're super slow...….. they're not even designated to handle CEC applicants on Canada.ca...… many other people got stuck with this office too.....
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  11. I would say let’s keep patience. My Aor was on 2nd May, Medical approved on 19th June. I called them and they said that they are waiting on final review from officer who makes decisions. It’s not started yet.
  12. AOR: May 14, 2019
    Medical Passed: June 26, 2019
  13. ITA: 01-05-2019
    Applied: 27-06-2019
    Documents Transmitted: 27-06-2019
    AOR: Pending

    My PGWP Expiring on 17th july. how much time for getting AOR after online application?
    Applied thru consultant her
  14. How do you know which office is processing your application?

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