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Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Wolfpmd3, May 1, 2019.

  1. Did you see any ghost update before passport request?
  2. Got RCMP requested and MEP on June 18. I submitted the RCMP criminal record on July 1st.

    Now back to waiting
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  3. 40-50 Days
  4. So it will take 40-50 days after MEP for the next update? thanks
  5. My score is 437. 1 year full time work in NOC B, no additional degree or education from back home. CLB- R/W/S/L =12/11/11/10. I ran out of things to do to increase my points. WP expires April and 2 year experience would be June. All hope is lost. Any advice ?
  6. Hi all! hope you will be able to help me.. I submitted my PR app in May 2019 and last week I was being asked to provide RCPM fingerprints, which I did, last Thursday on July 4th, in an office in Toronto. My concern - I did not heard back anything yet and I'm a bit concerned because I was under the impression that this is a pretty fast forward process and that I should receive it in max 3 business days.. Can anyone share their experience please? Thank you!
  7. Hi Calove,

    Can I please ask you where have you submitted your RCMP? It was in Toronto? it took you ~2weeks to receive the results? they were mailed to you? I applied for rcmp last Thursday, July 4th, in Toronto and no reply yet :( I'm a bit concerned.. Any guidance will be much appreciated. Thank you!
  8. I applied from Ottawa and the office asked me if I want the results to be directly sent to CIC or sent to me, they said it's better if I get the results and upload them myself which I did. It took 2 weeks and they sent me the certificate by mail.
  9. Thank you!!! :)
    How fast have you received the certificate by e-mail?
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    Guys, there is my timeline.
    Can someone clarify what my stage can be now.

    Inland, CEC
    AOR - May 31
    Profile updated:MEP+We are reviewing your BG-July 9
    Profile update email-July 10
    Ghost update-July 10
    Ghost update-July 12
  11. PPR on its way....... :)
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  12. My Timeline

    Inland, CEC
    AOR - May 31
    Profile updated:MEP + We are reviewing your BG - July 9
    Profile update email - July 10
  13. But it has been only 1,5 months since AOR. I am kind of anxious about so many ghost updates by this time..

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