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CEC - December 2018 AOR

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Apurv, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Hello folks,
    Do you think it is possible to walk-in into any nearby IRCC office for landing. In Ottawa it is being this way by walk-in! I am wondering if anyone has tried it here in TORONTO?


  2. My AOR is Jan 4, I got my GCSM notes today. From what I can see and understand the last note an officer wrote was on Feb 20, and this is what I can see in the first page:

    Elegibility: Recommend passed
    Security: Not Started
    Criminality: In Progress
    Medical: Passed
    Info Sharing: Complete

    Primary office: CPC Edmonton

    Can anyone help me understand how should I interpret this? What can I expect timewise?

  3. When you applied for note?
  4. Hi all.
    In SINP Inland.

    My fingerprints came back from Mexico 2 weeks and a half ago and I'm IP2 since then. Med were passed on May 2.

    I have been just laid off, not sure what will happen here. Do you think the decision will be made soon? What will happen in this case that I'm so close to get the PR?

    I will appreciate your insight.
  5. Your fingerprints came back 2 weeks ago and your AOR is on December?

    I looked at something similar a while ago and I found that as long as you had a job when you applied they shouldn't take the points away. Also, if you have a work permit I don't think they can lay you off, you should look into that!

    Suerte hermano!
  6. Gracias Santiago.

    Nope, my AR is April 2018, AOR July 2018, and I got laid off this Monday. I'm not under any points scheme, I am nominee program with PGWP.

    Do you remember how long it took you to get the PR after being IP2?


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