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CEC - December 2018 AOR

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Apurv, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Link?
  2. Mine over by 3 days
  3. Hi guys:
    This is my first time replying on here but I've been using the forum for researching and stuff. Anyway, I got my PPR and wanted to share you guys my timeline.
    AOR: Dec 22 18
    Med passed: Feb 5 19
    PPR on: June 7 19
    Sent out my passport: June 8 19
    Approved Status update on CiC: June 21 19.
    Current: waiting for my passport and I will do the landing.
    My boyfriend had his AoOR in January 19 and he got his PR approved a week before me so I don't think it's FIFO process. It's just a matter of time, you will get it. ;)
    Good luck!
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  4. Thanks for sharing and happy for you.
    Hope mine come soon. (AOR Dec 5)
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  5. Congrats!!
    Our dates are almost identical. Got my CIC status update on 21st June.
    Most probably, I will get the passport today by evening:D
  6. Hi All, I received my passports and COPR today.
    I am really grateful to Almighty and the members of this forum for their valuable inputs.

    I sincerely wish you all the best and best of luck!

    Keep connected...
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  7. In Land - CEC
    • June 03 2019 - PPR email
    • June 04 2019 - Sent documents to Ottawa
    • June 07 2019 - Documents arrived in Ottawa
    • June 22 2019 - CIC account changed to approved
    • Waiting for Tracking.....
    • Waiting for PP..............
    • Landing........................
    • PR Card.......................
    Do you guys know if i call CIC they can give me the tracking number? My partner accidentally thew away my tracking number!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I received my passport back with COPR 3 days after the account changed to approved, so it's very likely that you will received yours this week ;)
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  9. Hi!
    Our timeline is pretty much the same!!!!
    Can you let me know when you get your tracking activated and receive your passport? My partner accidentally throw my return tracking on the garbage....
    I my account also change to approved on Friday/Saturday.
    Please let me know!
    I would really appreciate!
  10. I'll let you know once I get it. As of now my tracking number isn't activate yet. My boyfriend got his status updated a week before me and his number isn't activate neither. I was planning to down to the state for the 4th of July but seem like I have to change my plan. :(
  11. I am going to wait until wed

    Go on your trip, if you don`t have the papers you can`t do the landing anyways. Just use your current Visa or are you on Imply Status?
  12. I have my work permit but they have my passport. I'm not us citizen so... I don't think they will let me in.

  13. Awwwww, that makes sense, you do need your passport. I only submit a copy.....well, i guess we all need to wait with out fingers cross
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  14. Landing Interview Personal Experience!!!

    Finally, I am a PR now :p

    The following information is general but more useful for CEC inland candidates.

    Firstly, when I entered the IRCC ( CIC Etobicoke ) Securities at reception asked me what's my purpose of visit/ How may I help you? I presented my landing interview letter and after verification they handed me a waiting number and politely asked me to watch screen and wait until my turn comes. The wait was not too long but again it depends day to day i believe. My appointment time was1:00 PM and my number was flashing on screen by 1:35 PM which is not bad at all.

    Secondly, When i was at the window counter, this sweet lady politely greeted me and asked for all my documents which includes my passport, photographs, study/work permit. She also emphasized on my in/out dates and port of entry to Canada and tried her best to accommodate the changes. After that, she asked statutory questions like Am i being convicted of criminal activities in or outside Canada? Have you been ever deported? Are you working now or your on any social welfare? and then she asked me to put my initials and signature on both copies of COPR.

    Lastly, She greeted me on small loud speaker " CONGRATULATIONS you are a PR now; Welcome to Canada/ Bienvenue Au Canada"!! I was on cloud 9 :p :) Then she explained me that PR card will come in next 3 to 4 weeks and if I want to apply for citizenship, I need to retain COPR and yeah also for pension after 65 years of age :p :) The lady concluded her greetings by giving me good tip of renewing my S.I. N number as the Service Canada office is right beside the IRCC and also the health card :)

    I would like to sincerely thanks everyone and wish everyone for a speedy updates for PR application, Its exasperating process but trust me, "Patience is the key". GOOD LUCK everyone :)

    Landing interview tips:
    1. Arrive before time for the landing interview.
    2. You can carry bottled water or coffee too.
    3. Please allow the officer to speak more than you do.
    4. Don't get too excited that you forget your valuables on window counter (I have seen many people forgetting their valuable docs as well as passports)

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