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CEC - December 2018 AOR

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Apurv, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Guys, I have some questions!
    I emailed to ask for a landing appointment on May 28th but haven't heard back. I'm now thinking I will go down to the States, visit my sister and do the landing when I re-enter Canada.
    My questions are
    1. Can I ask IRCC to ignore my interview request. Should I call them? Or can I just send an email again to say I don't need an appointment. Or should I just wait now that I have emailed in the first place?
    2. Is it ok to return to Canada by train? There is no restriction is there, on how we re-enter the country to do landing (like by air and by road only)?

    Thank you!!:)
  2. Hi everyone,

    I rang IRCC today after a ghost update in my account yesterday timeline is as follows:

    AOR - Dec 10th 2018
    Medical Passed - Jan 21st 2019
    Ghost Update - June 25th 2019
    Called IRCC today and the agent confirmed that my application has been approved but I will be called for interview in next 3 months.

    Good luck to everyone else waiting.
  3. Called for interview? Shouldn't you receive a landing interview notice with appointment details? How they going to issue you CORP via phone?
  4. The person on the phone said that I will be sent a letter in next while confirming that decision is made followed by email with details of landing interview.
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  5. Got it! Congrats!
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  6. Hey! I got my papers back yesterday!
    Do you have any updates on your end! Hope so!!!
  7. Happy to hear! Nope mine still not here, my boyfriend just got his yesterday so I guess mine possibly will be next week.
    Thanks for the update :)
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  8. You can inform them, but is not necessary. Once you do the landing your file will be updated.
    And you can do your landing in any Port Of Entry.
    BUT, personally, i would prefer to do my landing on a Port Of Entry that is bigger and it is use to do landings all the time.....but that is just me!!!
    I got my papers back yesterday! I am going to do my landing next Saturday, after the Holiday!
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  9. Of course!!! Good luck! Fingers cross over here! :)

  10. Congrats!!
  11. I got the papers back yesterday! Yayyy!
  12. I'm slated to receive my COPR today along with my passport. I'm contemplating to wait until next week to flagpole because tomorrow is 4th of July and I'd imagine borders will be very busy. Smart idea? Or should I just go tomorrow?
  13. Hi All

    I reached out to my Local MP today, and got an immediate reply. I have shared the required info, and they said they would get back to me at earliest. It's worth a shot for those who has completed 6 months and doesn't get any info from GCMS.
  14. I also reached to my Local MP. They call to IRCC and got same same response what I got from IRCC.
    MP has suggested me to get in touch with them if I do not receive any update by end of August.
    Let us see what will happen.
  15. I woke to a ghost update a few weeks ago and proceeded to call them. Agent said my application was approved basically and that I'll get an email for landing in approximately 6 weeks...

    I then got the email for landing a hour or 2 later. You can see the details in my signature. Point is, I think they just give you a general timeframe, you'll probably be emailed way before 3 months. Make sure to check your emails, that's how I was contacted, they even sent one to my wife(dependent).

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