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Bogota vo

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Jimmyala81, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. MR was approximately 4 months after the file arrived in Bogota. My file was at the embassy for 6 months.
  2. Any updates from Bogota anyone? Medical request, PPR? Thank you

    October applicant here, residing in Quebec
  3. We are at the 7 month mark today since our application was received in Bogotá and still no MR.
  4. Someone from the French forum just received ppr and medical request. His file was received on January 10th at the Bogota vo as well.

    However, their file was sent on July 10th 2018, so they're overdue. Your's should be next in the line, or close to be! Fingers crossed!

    I heard that on average, its about 7 months overall at the Bogota v.o.
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  5. This is great news to hear! Thank you for us about this. Yes fingers crossed we should be receiving ours soon.
  6. So today we received a communication, but it was the exact same communication we first received from the CIO in Sydney stating I’ve been approved as a sponsor and that my application sent to a VO. This is odd as it’s been in the VO in Bogotá for 7 months already. Our case manager said not to be concerned about it as the application is already in Bogotá. I was thinking maybe they meant to send our MR and accidentally resent the other letter? Has anyone experienced this or heard of it before?
  7. We got MR on July 9, app in Bogota since April 9.
  8. I guess it doesn’t go in order sequence then and each application is assessed differently depending on what the application is? Must be since our application has been in Bogotá since January 15th.
  9. Wow 3 months in Bogota, that's pretty fast. Did they request the passport at the same time?

    Any interview request? And when did you submit your file initially?

  10. File submitted Feb 08, we got only MR.
  11. We got pre arrival letter today. Anyone knows if it means that medical request and ppr are coming shortly?
  12. It can take several weeks to a few months for the passport request
  13. Medical request received today
  14. I can see Bogota VO is moving again, I sent an email about my application as a sponsor and they responded that everything in my case is OK, but nothing about MR, my spouse already did police and biometrics.
    I guess all application are processed different, mine is not the one to Quebec
  15. Whats your timeline?

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