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Bogota vo

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Jimmyala81, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Does anyone know the timelines from Bogota VO? Anyone know how long it takes this VO for the process?

    Thank you!
  2. Most straight forward Outland Spousal Sponsorship follow these process steps (the order of the steps may vary)
    1. Application received at IRCC
    2. IRCC start processing application
    3. Receive Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR 1)
    4. Link Application to Online Account
    5. Sponsor Approval and File transfer to VO
    6. VO starts processing PR application (AOR 2)
    7. Receive Request for Medical Exam
    8. Medical Exam @ IRCC Panel Physician Clinic
    9. Medical Exam Result
    10. Passport Request (PPR)
    11. Pick-up Permanent Residency Visa (PUM)
    Spousal sponsorship process completion time varies depending on the visa office and on a case basis.......will advice you assume process from AOR to completion takes 12 months to help reduce the waiting stress.......relax.....its a wait game
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  3. Thank you Wakki for your response. This calms me a bit, I am on step 9 since 3 months ago, I was just wondering how much of an average time, does the Bogota vo take to process the app and ask for PPR.
  4. Jimmy,

    If I may ask since I'm about to start this process for my wife in Bogota, did you have any issues with your application process to this point for me to expect or avoid?

    DM me if you prefer. This is a daunting experience, would like some first hand knowledge what to look out for. Anything is appreciated. Thanks!!!
  5. My process through Bogota was done in 7 months and 10 days, and I had to complete a relationship interview which delayed the process by 2 or 3 months. I saw a couple of applications through Bogota that took only 4 months to complete. The timeline I am talking about is from the date of AOR1 until passport received. I would be extremely surprised if your process took 12 months through Bogota. Luckily, it's one of the fastest VOs out there. If you don't need an interview, a more realistic timeline would be 6 months. Although there's always the possibility of delays for some random reason.
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    Hi JohnnyToronto, there is a lot that I learned by myself, but I tell you, you have to have a lot of patience with everything. First I printed out the checklist to see what documents I have to gather. It took me a long time to gather a few documents because I had to use a lawyer. But in all it shouldn't take you more then a week to fill in and complete the application including the evidence they ask for.

    Remember always check cic website before sending the application because they keep on changing the versions even for the checklist. Remember to clean cache on the web browsers because It will show you the same version of the application. I learned that the hard way.

    Every certified copy of the documents they ask for that is in spanish, take it to a certified translator so it can be translated to English. Certified copies are given at the Notary Public. Meanwhile gather all your evidence, pictures, I believe they ask for 20 pics, they have to be from different times you have been together, social media screen shots of conversations , these if they are in Spanish translate them with a certified translator, if you can get letters from family and friends from both sides it will better, translated too.

    When you gather everything, look at each document you filled and make sure you both sign. There is a document that says that your spouse signs electronically, this one you also sign by hand. There was a lot of confusion with this Document.

    Now police certificate, immigration is asking for them with the app, but what I did was put n/a explanation on the back under the check mark box. Write an explanatory letter, telling them why you can't send the police certificate. Why I did this is because the two entities that work with immigration Canada won't give them directly to me. They sent them to the Canadian embassy in Bogota and in order for them to send the certificates you need the UCI number and file number. If your application is accepted they will send you a confirmation letter which they call AOR1. Expect the AOR1 3 to 4 weeks. This you send it to the entity of your choice. Omnitempus or G4S with a document you have to fill out. The entity will send you a confirmation email. Keep the receipt for police certificate payment. You may need it later on and keep the emails that you receive from them.

    Now that you have every document tbeing asked for put them in order the way the checklist is showing you.

    Again I repeat before sending everything check for signatures with one being electronically and by hand. Check that you have the right version of the applications. Try clearing cache on the web browsers. By the way there will be months with no response at all. Keep calm and don't stress If you need more info or you want me to clarify something, I will be here to help. Good luck.

    Check the link below it's where you will be able to download the application.

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  7. Hi JulianaAndrew, right now I am on my 6th month Decenber 4 would be my 7th. Not sure what the delay might be. But I am hopeful that maybe the coming week we get a response. Thank you and congratulations.

  8. Thank you so much for the encouraging words and insight. We're hoping it's faster than the advertised 12-14 months, even with an interview which I think is likely. I may reach out again if I run into any delays. Much appreciated.

  9. Wow! A great detailed response! Thanks so much. The one thing I'm learning from this process early is is that there is A LOT of 'confusion' with this process. Seems to a word used many times in explaining how this will go. The advice is much appreciated and I'll heed it over the coming months.

    I'm getting my sponsorship application documents together now. First step to be taken.

    Thanks again for the input. Good luck to you.
  10. I hope so too but if you call cic number, the recorded message tells you that if you filed your app after December 2017 it will take 11 months. Doesn't mention 12 to 14. That is a rare case. But good luck hopefully yours will be finished sooner then mine. I am taking a guess 6 months in total.
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    Hi everybody,

    I have question regarding when you received your request for a medical exam.

    Our family sponsorship application got sent to the Bogotá Visa Office on January 10th, 2019 and we received the AOR stating I’ve been approved as sponsor for my spouse. They also requested our CSQ undertaking application as we are going to Quebec and it was approved on February 27th and was sent to the VO in Bogotá. It’s now been almost 4 months and we haven’t received the request for the medical exam for my spouse and we are wondering why it’s taking so long for the request.

    How long did it take for everyone from the moment your application was sent to the Bogotá VO to the time you received the medical request? Do they tend to wait to ask for the request rather then at the beginning? I’ve also read that many people received the medical request almost immediately after it was sent to the VO ( for other countries for ex.)

    Our case worker advised us that each VO has there own process for when they request the medical and no news is usually good news. Is 4 months a long time for not receiving the medical request yet and should we request an update on our application from the VO?

    Many thanks,

  12. Hi, I was wondering if you finally got the MR from Bogota VO, my spouse file was transferred to Bogota 2 months ago and I haven't heard anything from the VO yes, she did the police cert and the bio metrics already but nothing is going on lately, can you please let me know if you're done with your process
  13. Hi there,

    We still haven’t received our MR yet from the VO in Bogotá. And in 12 weeks time, it will be exactly 12 months since we first submitted our application from the beginning. It’s suppose to take up to 1 year so technically we are still within range as our case worker has quoted. Though I find it strange that they haven’t requested the MR and our application has been in the VO since January this year.

    You mentioned that your wife already had the request for her background check? We haven’t even got the request for that either. Who requested it? The VO?
  14. Hi there,

    I was just curious how long did you have to wait before you received the MR from the VO in Bogotá? Our application was submitted in mid January and still we haven’t heard anything back yet. In 12 weeks it will be exactly 1 year since we first submitted our application and we are concerned it’s going to past the 1 year mark. Our case worker said no news is good news be it seems odd not to have the MR yet and it’s been just over 5 months since the VO received application.
  15. I submitted my application in February 2019, all requests i belive came from Sidney, after the sponsor approval i did received a notice of tranfer to Bogota VO after that it went silent

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