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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by LightRose, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Any April Applicants still waiting for AOR?

    My application was received May 3rd at CIC and I have not received an AOR so I am just wondering..
  2. I am still waiting my app was sent on April 26
  3. This is crazy...

    Someone in the May forum received their AOR and their app was received May 29th or something.. I don't understand.
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    Immigration agents don’t follow a strict chronological order when they’re processing applications. Also, they don’t give us deadlines, the spreadsheet is made by users of this forum, it’s not information provided by the government. Then, they can skip people who applied earlier and process their application later. It happens the same with the OWP process, not because they processed faster the OWP of some people it means that it would happen to everybody else. You just have to wait until it’s your turn, there’s no strict order neither logic.

  5. UPDATE!

    Common-law sponsor.
    Inland Applicant living in Montreal.
    Currently under study permit until 12/31.
    Living together for 4 years (both names on lease).

    Applied for Sponsorship + OWP

    This is my timeline

    Application Received at CPC Missisauga: April 11
    AOR: May 23rd
    Application linked: May 24
    OWP approved: May 30 (For a single day, before CSQ receipt? Still looking into this...)
    CSQ request: June 14th
    CSQ application received by MIDI: June 17th
    Credit card debited by MIDI: June 25th


  6. Holy shit, just got my medical request.
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  7. Congrats! The immigration agent must be Albertan because many people who registered their information in the spreadsheet received their Medical request and they are in Alberta, haha. Just one from Toronto and one from Burnaby. It’s kind of funny.
  8. Thanks, it was just a bit shocking because I just received AOR on the 13th. It means things are moving along, hopefully for everyone.
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  9. I don’t think the things are moving along for all the applicants because immigration agents don’t have any kind of order, they just see handy applications and they process them. There is not a protocol. But you’re lucky and I’m glad that your process is moving along :D
  10. So, terrible news from me. My application package got sent back because of minor errors, and my oversight. It seemed that they only opened my application to check when I sent in an inquiry because they just sent it back last week. If you have yet to hear back or get your AOR from IRCC if your application was received end of April, I would recommend sending them an inquiry. I'm panicking because my WP expires end of August.

    When your application is returned, there is no implied status. I'm freaking out and my husband is as well. I'm going to hire an immigration consultant/lawyer. Turns out I can't do this on my own like I have done for my many permits and renewals over the past 6 years.
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  11. You really don't need a lawyer. They are often a hindrance more than anything. You have valid status because you have a work permit. You will have implied status if your current status expired until they made a decision on your OWP when you resend it. If your current status is getting close to expiring and you haven't heard back all you need to do is extend your stay as a visitor.
  12. I guess my biggest worry is having to stop work and give up my current job if this happens again and my WP lapses. Of course, ultimately, my ability to stay here permanently is important. I'm not even sure how to proceed on my own - if I need to only amend what they asked for, or redo the whole entire application with updated dates and updated forms, if this happened between now and when I applied. I'm guessing I will also have to pay all of the application fees again while waiting for a refund?
  13. Hi,

    Application received : 8th april, 2019
    AOR : 30th may, 2019
    Medical : still waiting on it
    OWP : Still waiting on it

    seems like the office is piled up with extra paperwork for our April month. I applied for my OWP with the permanent immigration Application. I have a question :

    1. Do they call your past employer for a background check? because I recently changed my job and I have not updated CIC regarding that. I'm hoping since I applied for an open work permit, I don't need to update?

    let me know :)

    good luck everyone
  14. I’m so sorry to hear that your app is being sent back, same thing happened to me, I originally applied mid February and got it returned because I sent a T4 and a T1 but not a notice of assessment.
    I know it feels like time wasted but you can see this as an opportunity to improve your application and you’ll be sure that this time it will be accepted since they already checked it and told you exactly what was missing!
    I also don’t think you’ll need a lawyer unless it got sent back due to a very complicated issue, if that’s not the case I would save my money, good luck!
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  15. I agree with Carlos25. Why do you think that you need a lawyer if immigration office already told you what’s wrong/missing? Do you think that paying around $3,000 to a lawyer/consultant would help you a lot?

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