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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by LightRose, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. My OWP is approved !! So relieved and happy :) Waiting for the document now. Linked my OWP application yesterday and received the email today.
    For all those of you who received OWP, how is the job hunting going on? Are you guys already working? If no, were you able to find job easily. Do let me know.
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  2. Congrats! I’m not working now, but usually there are many jobs all around Canada during summer. It’s peak season.
  3. UPDATED : 06-25-2019

    Application Submission: April 18, 2019 (04-18-2019)
    Application Received: April 23, 2019 (04-23-2019)
    Acknowledgement of Receipt: June 19, 2019 (06-19-2019)
    Medical Completion:
    Open Work Permit Approval: June 24, 2019 (06-24-2019)
    Sponsor Eligibility Approval:
    PR Approval:
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  4. it's been 4 days since we got AOR and successfully linked PR to GCKey, but still no success linking for OWP. is it normal?
  5. My application got sent back too, mine was sent back end of March when I sent early Feb. I am now glad it got sent back because I have made numerous mistakes throughout the application (like the date we became common law, we put 1 year ahead of when we actually became common law and did not send the original copy of the criminal record from another country) which they would ask for supporting document later in the process which will delay the process for sure.

    You can try to apply again with OWP, no additional fee needs to be paid as they did not use the previous one you sent! and I think they will put you for implied work permit status but you still want to apply for visitor visa while waiting for AOR.
  6. Received Medical Request on June 25. Still no word of OWP.
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  7. It can take 4-5 months from the date of received -the application.
  8. I'm surprised how fast the OWP got approved.

    Application Submission: April 17 2019
    Application Received: April 18 2019
    Acknowledgement of Receipt: June 13 2019
    Open Work Permit Approval: June 14 2019, received around 1 week later
    Medical Completion:
    Sponsor Eligibility Approval:
    PR Approval:
  9. is it mandatory to link our application ?
  10. No
  11. My OWP was finally approved and status was my restored through it early this morning, what a message to wake up to!
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  12. Congratulations!! You must be relieved.
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  13. I have been working in the Canadian market from last 6 years. I was on my student permit, changed to PGWP and then waiting on my OWP.I
    Imagine the OWP is still under process.
    Date of Application received: 8th April, 2019
    Aor : 30th May, 2019
    OWP : Still waiting onit.

    I guess they are doing some background check before they process my application? Since I gave them a history of last 6 years.

    wondering who else is waiting from the month of April.
  14. My app was recieve April 30 and AOR recieved June 29th

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