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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by LightRose, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Just to mention I got my AOR too. Just waiting on linking my work permit

    Application reci
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  2. Hey guys; CIC has asked me to send missing payment receipt for work permit to their Edmonton office. Can I use a courier or mail?
  3. Are there anyone whose application was received on April 25 got their AOR? Its been a while, havent heard anything from CIC.
  4. They received my PR and OWP on the 24 April and I got AOR on June 8 and OWP on June 13
  5. Guys question...

    April 17/2019 inland sponsor...sponsoring my wife and my minor dependent child. Wife just got OWP approved on June 11th....

    Question: What would my child's status in Canada be? Do I need to extend my kid's TRV? Anyone on a similar situation? Thanks!!
  6. Yes, they will need a TRV because the OWP is for your wife.
  7. Thanks :)
    Linked my PR application. Waiting for a couple of days to link OWP application.
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  8. Received AOR. Please update the spreadsheet. Application received April 25. AOR June 16
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  9. Congrats!
  10. Hey guys. My application was received on 24APR2019 and I still haven’t an Email. But, today i was able to link the application to my account. Does this mean my application is not gonna be returned? Because then, I would like to cancel visitor extension that I applied on May. I couldn’t link OWP though.
  11. Same happened to me and I got AOR the next day
  12. good I just got an email too. Were you also able to link OWP ?
  13. HEY guys I am new here
    SENT APP march 08. 2019,
    App delivered March 11. 2019,
    Acknowledgment Letter (confirmation )from IRCC -APRILL 9, 2019,
    Medical Examination Request from IRCC -JUN 13, 2019,
    Sponsorship Eligibility letter -JUN 13, 2019,
    Biometric Request Letter -JUN 13, 2019.
  14. Did anyone received request for medical exam, AOR: 29 may
  15. Still nothing, for all april i think
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