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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by LightRose, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Congrats!
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  2. Congratulations!! So happy for you
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  3. Congratulations
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  4. Got my AOR today!!
    How do I add a timeline to the end of my posts?
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  5. Congrats! You can add it as your signature in your profile.
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  6. OWP Approved!
    Application Submission: April 15, 2019
    Application Received: April 17, 2019
    Acknowledgement of Receipt: June 4, 2019
    Medical Completion:
    Open Work Permit Approval: June 11, 2019
    Open Work Permit Received:
    Sponsor Eligibility Approval:
    PR Approval:
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  7. Sorry I forgot to post the update!

    My wife received her OWP on May 22th 2019! (We received the email on May 26th)

    Application Submission: April 2nd 2019
    Application Received: April 4th 2019
    AOR: May 17th 2019
    OWP : May 22th 2019
    Sponsor Eligibility :
    CSQ :
    PR :
  8. Hi Guys,

    I've been trying to link my wife's PR paper application (family class sponsorship) to her online account. But they can't found any application when we use the UCI (from the AOR). Any clue?

    Thank you so much!
  9. You should use the PA information to link, use her UCI not the one in the AOR.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply.

    I used her UCI (From her OWP). Still they can't found the application.

  11. If you received the AOR then it is in the system, I suggest you call IRCC and ask them to verify the information they have or help you link it. They helped me link mine as they had a different answer in the system.
  12. Hey guys, my partner got a new job and will start in a few weeks, do you guys know if I have to inform about this change to IRCC or no?
  13. Hi guys,
    Received AOR today !!! Finally.....so its accepted and not returned....very happy & relieved.....:):)
    Added my info to the spreadsheet.
    Application received: April 23rd
    AOR: June 13th

    P.S: Initial application submitted in Jan, returned in Mar due to missing PCC. Resubmitted in April.
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  14. Congrats!
  15. Hi,

    I have the same question too. I applied for my OWP with my PR application. When I sent my OWP application, I mentioned by past employer. Now I found a better opportunity sodo I need t

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