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Application Reopened After Refusal


Feb 20, 2021
Sorry for the delayed response.

a) It was a lengthy process to get the RPRF refund for second application. Because in order to request a refund, the payment receipt shouldn't be linked to any active application.

b) I raised multiple CSQs (Ottawa and NDVO) to withdraw my second application but NDVO was really slow. Since the second application was with NDVO, other Visa offices couldn't do anything to help other than to forward my request to NDVO.

c) My application was finally withdrawn successfully after I landed in Canada. Infact in the withdrawn confirmation letter from NDVO, here's what was they mentioned:

Please be advised that we have closed this application for permanent residence as you have already become a permanent resident of Canada on <XXX DATE>.

e) Now since my second application was withdrawn, I thought I would be able to initiate the refund request but I was still getting the same error for almost 5-6 months (so I kept raising CSQs every month):

We can't process your request because one of our offices is still working on your application.

f) IRCC did finally refund the money after 6 months from the withdrawal confirmation date (i.e. 1 year from the date of original application). The money was refunded to the original credit card which was used for the RPRF payment.
Hi, can we safely assume that once someone gets an update on the online portal after reconsideration letter to IRCC, there is a likehood that it has been reviewed and progress made? From your experience, kindly advise


Mar 29, 2021
Hi there,
I had my application rejected because i did not have an eca for my education . I did not claim any points on eca . My diploma is a trade one and on the question did you obtain this qualification in Canadia i marked NO, and the next question was do you have have an ECA issued from a qualified supplier and i marked NO.

So I raised a webform and waiting for reply if they can reopen my application.
Some of my friends applied on the same trade diploma and did not have this issue.

Need an advice if my application would reopen again?


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Nov 3, 2019
Hi, my AOR was
May 17,
CEC , on Work permit, LIMA exempted
Medical passed on 2nd July.
Edmonton office

I had called agent yesterday to ask about the progress of my application and was told that criminality was passed and eligibility and security were in progress.

Today i got a refusal letter straight away stating that i did not meet the eligibility. Just to let you know , i had claimed 50 points for arranged employment and as a proof, had attached employment proof letter from employer stating my salary, designation, NOC, and a statement that i am required to work in the organisation for 2 years. It did mention my duration of stay here, however, not word to word as per the CIC guidelines.
The refusal letter stated that -“ none of the employment letters provided by me, established that i will be employed for at least 1 year after receiving PR”.

Moreover, i am not the 1st employee in my organisation to have used this letter. I know at least 10 colleagues who have claimed 50 points and used the same letter as proof and have got PR too.

Any kind of help/ suggestions will be highly appreciated.

@legalfalon your suggestions would be much appreciated.

Haven't gone through below posts but what happened to your case? You re-submitted new profile?


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Apr 24, 2020
Hi folks,
Today, I received the re-opening letter from IRCC for my rejected EAPR.

1st Express Entry Profile Number: E00XXXXX (GCKey - zzzccxx | Email of contact - zzzccxx@gmail.com)
1st EAPR submitted on: 4th August 2021
UCI: Principal Applicant - xxx | Accompanying Partner - xxx
Rejection letter received on: 9th December 2021. (Status changed to Cancelled As Incomplete few days later)
Reopen letter received on: 24th January 2022. (Status has now changed to Action Required)
2nd Express Entry Profile Number: E00WWQQ (GCKey - abcderfg | Email of contact - abcdCCerfg@gmail.com)
2nd EAPR submitted on: 13th January 2022

What should I do in this case, They gave me only 7 days to submit the amount again!
  • Tried calling IRCC, but the Customer Support Center is closed today!
  • If, I go with the old one, can they again reject the application again based on incompleteness despite saying in their letter that my application is considered complete!?
  • Webform and all will take a lot of time! The amount is 2820 CAD for processing again.
  • How can I submit the application fee now? Where can I find the payment button?
  • Will IRCC refund my new application's full amount paid?
Please advice.

@astraldust @legalfalcon