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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by patib, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. ITA: July 10 2015
    AOR: August 11 2015
    Background Check: Started sometime at the end of Nov 2015 I think
    PPR: Jan 11 2016
    Passports submitted: Jan 12 2016
    Application approved and closed: Jan 23 2016
  2. Congrats Nemile, I submitted about a week and half after you did, although my ITA was July 17. They requested schedule A for myself and spouse in the same August and RPRF in October. Since then BC not started yet. I guess the requests may have added to the seeming delay. My consultant insists we shouldn't contact CIC, so just keeping fingers crossed and hopeful.
  3. Congrats. It is very good to hear this.
  4. My application was pretty straightforward for CIC I think. I never got a schedule A request or any other request for that matter. I also paid my RPRF upfront. I'm very sure yours will come through soon. Like people say on the forum, no news is good news. These guys don't hesitate at all when they wanna reject you oo, lol.
  5. Congrats on your PPR and its feels good to know AVO is somewhat alive :)

    Going by your timeline, it took you 5 months from AOR to get PPR :eek: and that a whole lot of patience! Most folks i know got the PPR in 1-2mths or even less than 1 month... not denying the fact that others wait longer as individual cases are different.

    I'm hitting month 2 from AOR this week and hoping for goodnews :p
  6. Hi cornerstone, can u share ur timeline and category ...dt means u are also November AOR. We pray they look into our app dis week and rain PPR
  7. 34 Days from AOR here...and counting
  8. 117 Days from AOR here and still counting. I can see you received acknowledgement for RPRF Payment. Did you send them CSE to confirmed payment?. Did you received request for payment or you paid on your own and send them CSE?
  9. I say a big amen to your prayer

    SINP Nominee: Nov 3
    ITA: Nov 13
    Submitted eAPR: Dec 3
    AOR: Dec 3
    Request for Sche 4/4a: Dec 15
    Submitted Sche 4/4a: Dec 16
    Medicals: Passed Dec 16
    Background Check: changed to Not Started Dec 16
    Background Check: changed again to Not Needed at this Time Dec 22nd

    Afterwards updates, no ghost mails, no movements
  10. Alhamdulillah Robil Alamin, I give glory and thanks to Almighty Allah. I received my PPR a few hours ago when i was about to leave work. What better way to end a day's work of making people feel better and happy!?! Finally that new message notification icon showed "Ready for Visa". I cant express how shocked and relieved i was. Thanks to my peeps for always keeping me in mind during each prayer.

    Shoutout to all Omo Naijas and applicants still waiting, Tomneversfield ( I started comparing our timelines when you received BG check in progress), the one and only Yelena (You will smile in the end), Mrs AJ ( who gave me false hopes of a very fast PPR) and Avisad.

    Timeline (cos i know you guys will ask)
    AOR- Aug 19
    Meds- Probably about a week later
    BG in progress - Nov 30
    PPR - Today Jan 25
    AOR to PPR - 159 days

    I didn't order GCMS notes, sent only one CSE to inform CIC of a typo mistake in my brother's name (never got any type of reply, perhaps they laughed and trashed it immediately they read it). My main resource was praying and staying positive - Thanks to my PEEPS!!!

    I read this forum obsessively at least 5 to 10 times a day. Checked eCAS (when it was still working) and MyCIC several times a day. Got only 2 or 3 ghost emails (medicals and BG in progress i think).

    Advice: Ensure as complete a package as possible before submitting (this forum and its seniors AVISAD ANAC ( yes you, AVISAD) will help with that, though i joined this forum several weeks after submitting. Leave the rest to God!

    Best wishes guys, IOM :D ;D :D ;D
  11. Its good to see that Accra visa office is working... I had thought applications from Accra visa office was processed faster because i would assume they dont have huge backlogs and lots of applicants.
    I am Inland though but Nigerian....
    Congrats to all those who received PPR and goodluck to all those still waiting... most times no news is good news.... Stay positive. :)
  12. Many Congrats IOM ;D ;D
  13. Great news congratulations IOM

    I guess Accra is now back fully! :D another fellow got PPR yesterday too...
    Read it here http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/aor-in-november-2015-lets-get-together-t375944.0.html;msg4930851#msg4930851
  14. No, I just paid and sent the receipt via CSE. Got their response that it's been added to my file
  15. Yeah...and that guys is a NOV AOR...there is hope for me :)

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