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Applicant from Accra Visa Office Connect Here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by patib, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. Congrats Seyi. All the best. Pray for us to get ours soon.
  2. Hello Seyi, I cannot find the icon to send a PM. Please can you send me one? I will like to know about the consultant you used. Thanks
  3. Thanks a lot. I pray you get ur per very very soon.
  4. Congrats bro! Quite a long wait.
    Enjoy the moment.
  6. Hearty congrats Seyi :)
  7. Hi everyone,

    Hoping this week will bring higher flow of PPRs than last week from Accra...

    And everyone waiting will smile very soon.
  8. ;D ;D ;D
  9. guys, any news from AVO? I'm just seeing PPR from other VO's
  10. Hey Tope, we are still very hopeful of PPRs' rain before the week runs out, fingers crossed
  11. Hi. Which VOs are issuing this week? Has any one processed in Accra gotten GCMS notes...just to get an idea of the activities there?
  12. The week is already mid-way and no PPR from Accra yet. Any news?
  13. How does this lvo thing work sef. Accra has not dished out ppr since. At least they should consider pees now

    Or does the app come from Ottawa before Accra can issue.
  14. Its very confusing. Accra sent me a request for payment of RPRF in Nov 16, 2015 and payment was done on the 23rd Nov 2015. This implies that the application is now in Accra Office. To me it appears they have a lot of backlogs (2014 applications). This is just my view and I believe we will soon get our PPR.

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