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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by patib, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. All of us will receive our PPR by the grace of God. Amen. Am expecting more PPR from Accra between this week and next week. I assume they have very few express entry applications to process!!!
  2. Thanks. Sent you a PM.
  3. Anyone heard from AVO in the last two days? ???
  4. Not sure anyone has...We Dec AORs might have to wait a while longer
  5. Accra worked heavily today with d release if many ppr til Nov 16 under PNP.m very hopeful
  6. Really? That's good news. Hopefully you're next in line. February will not pass us bye!
  7. This is good news but where did you get this information from? Am very much interested.
  8. How did u get this info
  9. Nova scotia whatsapp group. And 1 of my friends also under NS PNP with AOR Nov 16 got ppr
  10. That's cheering news bimbychic! Brings hope of brighter days ahead...
  11. I'll rather distract myself with other things o before someone starts.... its already hard enough.

  12. LOL. Keep Calm and wait for PPR :)
  13. To the Glory of God, I received my PPR today. Consultant forwarded it. :D ;D

  14. congrat seyi90!!!!!!!!
  15. Many thanks - saskmydream, hope you receive yours soon also..

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