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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by patib, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. Hi Patib, i have not inquired yet, and not ordered GCMS notes. I used a consultant and I don't even have access to myCIC. I have been discussing with them on contacting CIC, hopefully will get an update soon. I am FSW outland. BG status has not changed ever - still not started as at last check with consultant earlier this week.
  2. Hi freecitizen, what country are you from?
  3. I think it is possible. I have seen a case where someone ordered for GCMS and later his PPR was sent directly to his e-mail address instead of going through the consultant. Better still you can also request for your GCMS notes through your consultant. In case you are ordering outside Canada, see the link below.

  4. FSW Outland(Nigeria)
  5. I think the processing time largely has to do with the VO. It seems the people in Accra are sleeping. Some Nov/Dec applicants have gotten PPR, while some Aug/Sep applicants are still waiting.

    At this rate it might be quite a while...and the PPRs from AVO might all just come as a single batch.

    :( :(
  6. I'm from Nigeria
  7. Thanks Patib. +1
  8. I love the initiative of having this group. Lets post our profile name along side aor.
    When any one gets ppr he/she should update and post. Then delete his aor and post.
    A better idea will be welcomed.

    Barbylonzy AOR 5th Sept PPR nil
  9. Hello guys my lvo is Accra. I am in the same boat as u seyi90. Used a consultant, last update from them was med pass. My Aor is 5th Sept
  10. I hope that happens o and very soon too.
  11. Am not sure that LVO (Accra) has issued PPR since July 2015. Hope they will start doing something very soon.
  12. Hello Guys,

    It appears AVO is currently very busy with family sponsored applications now. Check out the link below.

  13. I know Accra issued PPR up until Dec '15, cant say for Jan '16, but they are working as there has been a couple of pick up mails and doc requests this year. Albeit Accra is one of the slowest VOs...
  14. Hey guys, Got my PPR in Jan 2016. Also, just got an update that my application has been approved and closed. So yea, Accra has been working, even on weekends.
  15. Congrats..can you share your Timeline and which stream did you apply?

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