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Applicant from Accra Visa Office Connect Here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by patib, Jan 21, 2016.

  1. Applicants from Accra Visa Office, Lets connect here and share our experience
  2. Has anybody heard from them this january?
  3. Patib what is your AOR date and your category
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  4. AOR - October 1, 2015
    Category - PNP (SINP)
    BG - Not Started

    Its been a long wait for me.
  5. Am not sure they have issued any this year. Do you have an idea the last time they issue PPR?
  6. Patib & Bimbychic... you guys are really serious about this. Anyways its a good way to know if anything is even happening around here. Although the Nigerian thread might have still been an indicator. i'm AOR-Nov ,03. Sch A Nov 12. Nothing SInce then. BG not Started.
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  7. your 3months is over i think u should contact them to know the status of your application
  8. i am nov 3....just got request for pof on 18th...sch A on 17th nov.

    dnt worry about BG....not a sure test on our application progress
  9. but the are pick up mails from them so i dont know why they are not issuing ppr
  10. Have requested for GCMS notes to know what is happening in my file. Expecting the GCMS notes.
  11. Hi Chymes,

    What is your category?
  12. ok thats good i think we can track it from the notes. pray ppr comes before the notes comes
  13. I think this will bring about some visibility for applicants from this region. Still waiting over here.
  14. Hi Seyi90,

    Have seen your timeline. Did you make any enquiry from them about your application status or have requested for GCMS notes?. Additionally what is your Category and BG status?. Your PPR is on the way. A lots of PPR for August applicants this days.
  15. Not heard anything yet too. AOR Oct 13, Sch A Oct 20. How can we order GCMS notes...and is it possible for someone who used a consultant to order GCMS noted directly?

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