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Discussion in 'Visitors' started by FreeHelp4Pakistanis, May 21, 2013.

  1. Dear FKL,

    I appreciate your efforts for the submission of your whole case in CHC Islamabad. Dont Worry, inshallah u will get positive outcome from CHC ISB soon.

    If u want to know about ur file status then send an email directly to embassy (Inquiry) by writing ur file no, your and yours family passport number and file submission date etc. I dont know about that website but i am sure this information will on consulate website.

    Waqar Ahmad
    (Canada TRV Approved)
  2. Dear Se7en,

    Yes, there are many alternate options for getting TRV but in ur case, chances are low.

    I was in Toronto last month and have seen many cases resembling with ur case. But dear it is fact that in such cases many refusals are appearing from VO (Visa Officer) CHC ISB on thinking that you / ur partner will not leave Canada at the end of stay. U know, asylum ratio of pakistanis is increasing with the passage of time in Canada. This is the major factor of refusal. I will suggest you that get work permit here and then apply after one year if possible for ur spouse then definitely chances her TRV will be high at that time. It could be more helpful for TRV if she do complete her study in this tenure.

    On the other hand, u have options and if u can take risk then apply with all docs. I think getting TRV is totally depend on Luck.

    Waqar Ahmad
    (Canada TRV Approved)
  3. This is a good thread for us Pakistanis. I have already sponsored my wife for Permanent Residence, got stage 1 approval and in the mean time, also applied for her TRV. The TRV application was received at CHC on May 3rd and still awaiting the response. I know the current processing time is 40 working days but can anybody share their timeline for TRV application & outcome? We didnt apply online and sent via TCS.

  4. Waqar I am listening to you and I appreciate your concern and valuable suggestions. I just couldn't stop myself from filing this TRV application. I already have decided and now don't want to gear back. I always took risks and let me take this one as well ;)
    So, now situation is I am preparing documentation and IN SHA ALLAH will finally apply in 1st week of June but yet to be determined. Not sure if Police clearance certificate is needed for TRV applicants or not?
  5. Dear Waqar,

    Thank you very much for the advice. I don't have a file number yet because it is only created once your case is officially entered into CIC's system. Returning of application unprocessed means 'no file created'. So in the last two times, there was no file created. The first time i emailed embassy with all my details (passport number, address, courier, dob etc.), i got their response that application is being returned unprocessed.

    The current third attempt which was received in embassy around 35 days ago, i did email them after 15 days approx just to know if a file has been created yet. Unfortunately, haven't heard back on that yet. I intend to send another email after some time (before LMO expiry), in case i dont hear from them again. But as of now, i dont even know if a file was created.
  6. Dear Se7en,

    You need to submit police character certificate.
  7. hello frnds, Can any one please tell me at which branch of standard charter bank I have to pay my visit visa fee? As I am going there for a month, And I am still a student in a university here in Islamabad. and I have to come back before my next semester starts, so Is there any chance that the visa office reject my application because I don't have any travel history..
  8. Dear se7en,
    Apply with confident i hope you will get TRV and attached all the document which 1 you can understand her case will be strongr i hope her application will be approved,Attached her study documents also,

  9. Anmol and Waqar thank you dear fellows.
    One more question, I am also filing TRV application for my mother. So do i need to file separate applications for each individual or it should be combined. I am not sure what to do in this situation because a few of my documents which I have got from my university here is just a single copy, like my university has issued me a single copy of invitation letter for my guests from Pakistan. Kindly advise fellows.
  10. Dear Se7en,

    Dear better to apply both because of you have 1 letter for both your case will be strong if you apply both,

  11. Dear Sam629,

    I wasn't able to find a list of scb branches in every city which accept canadian visa fee. I know the ones in karachi though. But the general point is, some of the major branches do support it, and not all branches do so.

    So you better go to some main branch in islamabad. I don't know may be one in F-6 or I-8 Or better yet, you should call scb helpline 111-002-002 to ask for it.

    For a visitor visa the primary concern embassy has to ensure that you would not slip away while being temporary. So any thing that shows your strong ties to Pakistan i.e. show that you will have to return here would help. This specifically includes documents showing you are currently a student and have to return for your next semester, may be some property here in your name if any, a good bank statement here in your name etc.

    Travel history only matters when it shows you have been to several countries, have returned to your home country and didn't violate your visa. So chances of you returning this time as well improve. No having any history should not go negative against you, but having a comprehensive one does have a positive impact.

    Hope that helps.
  12. Dear Sam.

    without travel history i don't think so your application will be approved otherwise make a strong case and strong ties in home country may b chance for 50/50 also depend of your luck,

  13. Dear SAM629,

    In a Nutshell, your case can be summarized such as you should show strong ties to your home country to VO. Furthermore, you should have clear purpose of visit. Apply with confidence, inshallah allah will do better.

    Waqar Ahmad
    (Canada TRV Approved)
  14. I came here in Canada on a 3 month Single Entry TRV ( The reason was to attend my husband convocation ) . In the mean time my husband got a job here & upon my arrival to Canada , the officer attached a 6 month Visitor Record as we told her that my husband now got a work permit and we have changed our plan to stay longer now . She told us that for further extending your stay you have to go for a medical exam and submit an application for extension of you stay.

    Now i have few questions regarding this issue :

    Q1) My single Entry TRV is already expired ( in February ), and i got a visitor record attached with my passport valid up to 25th July 2013) . When i now submit an application to extend my stay , which type of visa will i get ? Would i be able to leave Canada and enter again ?

    Q2 ) How can i be eligible to work or study here since we are planing to stay longer?

    My husband got a work permit up to 2015 .
  15. Dear Miss Saira,

    As your said, that ur husband got work permit and ur visa will expire on 25th July 2013. U will re-apply again for trv from CHC ISB. If u get any job offer then u will apply for work permit or if u want to study then u will apply study permit otherwise u will apply only visit visa again. I think work and study permit are perfect for you if u want to live longer in Canada.

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