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All Pakistanis join this thread

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by FreeHelp4Pakistanis, May 21, 2013.

  1. Dear all Pakistani brothers and sisters,
    kindly,join this thread to discuss all your queries, difficulties and problems regarding Canadian TRV(temporary residence visa).
    This thread's sole purpose is to help each other,nothing else.
  2. This is a good idea for all pakistanis which face many difficulties during visit visa from CHC Islamabad. I am sure that our seniors will also join this thread also Inshallah.

    (Canada TRV Approved for two years)
  3. Nice to see you dear waqar.ahmad150
    you are very wellcome here.your valuable recommendations and suggestions will be very helpful for all of us.
  4. Hello friends!

    Great to see Pakistani thread. Can someone please tell me that actually I applied for TRV online on 16-May-2013. I applied to spend my honeymoon in Canada. Can someone tell me when I will get heard from them (approximately)? Also can you please tell me how many chances are there to get approved for TRV from Pakistan for honeymoon ? My Canadian citizen friend invited us there he is a business man and have his own business of travel insurance in Canada.

  5. I hope this form will be help those how want to go to Canada,,,
  6. Dear see4u,
    wellcome onboard.
    did u apply your TRV from CHC Islamabad?
    if yes it takes usually 3 months to get an answer from them.
  7. Wellcome dear anmol123,
    you are right.this thread will help our Pakistani brothers and sisters for sure.
  8. Dear See4u,

    Apply with confidence for TRV with all necessary docs inshallah u will get visa. Let us know if u need any further assistance.

    Waqar Ahmad
    (Canada TRV approved)
  9. any 1 write the business noc letter please?
  10. Dear anmol123,
    would you like to tell me that what do you mean by business NOC letter?
    by the way,i will be available in UAE in first week of June.if you need some serious help regarding your case then you can visit me in Sharjah.
  11. hi every one.. I applied for TRV last year but rejected. I have a good job here but no travel history. Now I want to apply again. Can anyone tell me what should I do to increase the chances of getting a TRV
  12. Dear Rubab 11,


    Please elaborate why ur TRV was rejected last year? what was ur reason?

    Also explain your current job nature/responsibilities. On what purpose you want to apply? Please explain.

    Waqar Ahmad
    (Canada TRV Approved)
  13. I want to visit my husband in Canada. they rejected bcz of lack of travel history, purpose of visit. I am a doctor and have a good full time job.
  14. Dear Rubab11,

    What is your husband status in Canada i.e on work permit, student or immigrant?

    What docs u were attached last year?

    In fact, there are very minor ratios of professional people who get TRV from Pakistan. Many cases reject on such basis that u will not leave Canada at the end of your stay or poor travel history and insufficient funding. As ur husband is already in Canada therefore i think VO (Visa Officer) was rejected ur case upon thinking that u will not leave Canada. It means ur ties are not strong with your home country in such scenario.

    Therefore i think you should follow the below mentioned plan if you can:

    According to my point of view, ur case is strong as u r working a full time professional job. I will advise you that find and register a medical conference (relevant to your field) in Canada and then apply for TRV with multiple entries. Also remember, attach all your official letters i.e approved leave plan, Work employment letter (Salary and other benefits should be written), your employment status, invitation letter from conference organizer etc along ur case. It will be more helpful for your visa if u get any medical training/workshop certificate from Pakistan also.

    Inshallah your chances of getting visa are high. If you need further assistance, let me know on this forum. Thanks

    Waqar Ahmad
    (Canada TRV Approved)
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  15. thank you so much for your advice. I think it can really help IA

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