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2018 Spousal Sponsorship in-land Applications: timeline and updates

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Can_loves_Aus, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Same thing.
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  2. Hi Guys
    I’ve submitted my application to Cic on February 14th and still haven’t received an AOR yet. Should I be worried? I’ve called the office and they said that they’re working on applications that were submitted on the 5th of February. I just really hope my application will not be returned.
  3. Application Received on Feb-23. AOR was received on Mar-20. Wonder how long to the next step? And what is the next step?
  4. we submited on feb 21 and havent heard anything either. do they send us an email for AOR? can we link our application prior AOR?
  5. You will receive an email and you can't link prior. The AOR email will contain your Application Number and UCI, which you need to link.
  6. How about health insurances or extended medical for work? Does it cover partially the medical exam?
  7. Any December applicants received work permit recently?
  8. I still don't think so but you can phone your insurance company and ask.
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  9. Dec22. Still waiting
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  10. Hey Guys!!

    A friend of mine who applied in 2017 got his File in Process in Jan 2018. He was requested a copy of his pp on Feb 20 after his medicals were received. And has heard nothing. He does not have an online account, so ecas only. What should he expect next for an In land app?
  11. December 18th still waiting.
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  12. S
    Same here
  13. Hi everyone, I have an urgent matter. I am international student as holding study permit . I also being sponsor by my spouse ( of course in-land Canada). I just submitted my schedule A background by CIC request. However, I made a mistake in personal history, which is I forgot to input my current part time job ( I only inputted my current full time diploma since I am international student so I just put my school that i am attending ). Also when my spouse sent the first application, we attached my employee job letter, by my boss, and we wrote that i am working part time in submission letter too ( means I did not hide it but just did not put it in personal history ). And should I add more information to IRCC ( i will add one more row in personal history)

    And my second question is : I used to attend a ESL school ( just 3 months ). But once before, I used both ESL school and my current college letter of enrollment to renew my study permit. Should I fill that ESL school into either Personal history and Education history in the form ( I did not write about that ESL school since they said secondary ,post-secondary and apprenticeship training ). Instead of that, I combine time when I attend my current college plus with time when I went ESL school to fill to the form as my current school only.
    I just write a brief explanation but they want me to submit along with document by filling out the IRCC , if not they cannot give it to professor.

    SO what should i do now ( just leave it and wait and will explain if they ask or add more row and explain to them ) . I am so nervous now.
    Thanks for reading!
  14. Anyone else waiting for AOR that sent in late February?

    We're still waiting for our AOR and its been over a month. Does anyone know what the email address and/or subject looks like?
  15. Not much help from me but we sent ours March 9 and still waiting. Fingers crossed you get yours soon. seen quite a few people getting it in 4-6 weeks but of course that's not everyone

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