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2018 Spousal Sponsorship in-land Applications: timeline and updates

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Can_loves_Aus, Jan 5, 2018.

  1. Hi everyone!

    Happy new year :)
    I am new to this forum, but find it a very helpful resource. I have been reading the 2017 spousal sponsorship updates thread and didn't see a thread started for those submitting 2018 spousal applications. Hoping I can share any updates and also hear from others.

    My common-law partner (from Australia) and I have submitted our application on January 2nd, received by the processing centre on January 3rd.

    Wishing luck to everyone
  2. Mine was received on December 21st so I guess technically we're 2017 applicants! But I have a question that I thought I'd ask here and it also might help other people. I noticed after sending our application that this was mentioned on cic guidelines:
    The order of documents should be as follows:
    open work permit application (and supporting documents), if applicable;
    any barcode pages;
    supporting documents, in the order they’re listed on the checklist.

    Has anyone else missed that? Also for anyone who hasn't submitted yet, keep that in mind! :)
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  3. Yes that is the correct order! the OWP receipt should go behind the OWP form and any supporting docs. It's a bit confusing getting everything in the right order, but I'm sure it wont affect your app!
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  4. Also I think you are well suited to this thread since all the action on your app will be in 2018! Please let us know updates!
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  5. I saw that but i don't think they would return it just because is not on the right order. As long as you sent all docs required you should be good. ;)
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  6. Happy new year \0/
    That's a good idea. We've sent in december but for processing purposes we might be considered 2018 applicants. =P
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  7. I would recommend to follow 2017 thread also as many folks would have submitted during the last 3 months of 2017. We can see their updates and understand the trend... just my two cents..
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  8. Sent our application Dec 18.
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  9. Hey,
    We're about to start the first bit of the process. I'm unfamiliar with the abbreviations being used here, but everything has been super helpful.

    I'm an Australian, I came here on the IEC working holiday visa, arrived in April 2016, and I got married to my Canadian husband on the 30th December 2017.

    We're waiting on the marriage docs right now to send off. Will update once I send the application!
  10. Welcome! Similar situation to me, but reversed. I am the Canadian sponsoring my Australian common law partner who is currently on a 2 year work permit.
    We submitted Jan 3rd :)
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  11. Welcome do the journey with us.
    I wasn't familiar with the terms too. I had to google most of them to follow the comments. =P
    Here is what I know so far:
    AOR - Acknowledgment of Receipt
    PCC - Police Check Certificate
    Med - Medical Exams
    AIP - Approved in Principal
    SA - Sponsor/Sponsorship Approval
    DM - Decision Made

    The best of luck for you!
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  12. This link might be useful, it also explains the abbreviations. Also, if you're in a hurry for any specific reason you might be able to ask for your marriage certificate to be processed faster. We got ours in 5 weeks in Ontario whereas it's supposed to take 10-12 weeks. This post was very helpful even though some details are out dated.
  13. My app was received Dec 09, 2017. I'll join this forum since documents I am waiting to receive will hopefully come this year
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  14. Hey,

    Thanks for that. When we got married, the officiant said he would get the certificate through faster, he said he could probably get one out to us in 10 days. I'll be content that it gets through faster than the 10-12 weeks.
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    Hi every one I think that I am a 2018 applicant. I applied on Oct 28 2017 but I my application was returned last month because of a mistake on my 5406. I corrected the error and mailed it on January 2nd and it was received on Jan 4th. Do i have to wait for another 6-8 weeks for CIC to send me my AOR.

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